My Dream Log; May 2, 2021

I had a dream a couple nights ago (written May 4) where I was told that the work I’m doing on TSR (Time Science Reaearch) for my book, DNA is Time, is so that other species can benefit from this information as well because they are also genetically ordered by the Tzolkin.

My book info. would help bring different species into the genetic fold on earth so that we would start to understand how we are all connected. It would connect us all in the cosmic web to have this laid out logically.

The way the current genetic code is set up it only applies to humans so it is very limited and not even accurate.

I’d like to know what kind of genetic engineering they’re doing in the U.S. Military Labs if they don’t have the TZOLKIN organizing the code? What are they doing? Just cloning and experimentation?? Making monsters?

These are the people running this country and we believe our elections were fair? There’s a river in Egypt…

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