Wednesday Reading; When part of You Dies it Catalyzes New Energy in You

Body Holon

I Dissolve in order to Catalyze. Releasing Energy I seal the matrix of Self-Generation with the Spectral tone of Liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled.

Spectral Tone 11 pulses to our left hip today.

  • Theme is 11Tryptophan or Blue 11 Spectral Storm. Pulse if to the left brain.
  • Analog is 11StopCodon or Yellow 11 Spectral Sun. Pulse is to the right brain
  • Guide Power this morning is itself
  • Antipode is 11Methinone, the start codon for a new A.A. sequence. Pulse is to the right leg and foot.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 3Glycine or White 3 Electric Wind. Pulse is to the right side of the face.
  • 5Gforce is 3Cysteine or Red 3 Electric Dragon. Pulse is to the right eye.

Notice that all the archetypes are on the right except for the Theme. My interpretation is that the energies from those four are evolving the theme forward. In this case, the left brain.

Earth Holon

The time portal sits on the NE portion of Antarctica at 60°S–75°E.

Interplanetary Holon

PLUTO is the mediating planet for Blue Storm ∞ Yellow Sun

We are at the top or end of the left female receptive side that is solar prophetic. We are also coming into a Full Moon and the end of the 13-day wave-spell.

This energy is about self-generation and being tone 11 is dissolving. Someone or some habit will be falling away. We are breaking out of a shell.

The Capricorn Moon moves in at 6:30 this evening along with White 3 Electric Wind. Best to leave this fickle Sag moon that maybe gave you a bit of pleasure and adventure in the past.

Venus begins it’s transit of Virgo today until August 16th. Virgo mediates our antipode today; Red Moon.

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