In Order to Change Your Body or DNA, You Need to Perceive Time Differently.

Here are affirmations to re-program your mind.

  • I am time. I am my time. My time is me. My body is my time on earth and I am the only one in charge of it.
  • The Universe has gifted me time as my body and I love it, care for it, learn from it, use it for fun and enjoyment and work that suits me.
  • I want to only share my time and my body with other humans or animals who are edifying to me. I know exactly where my boundaries are with my time as my body.
  • I only alter my body for my pleasure, not for anyone else. Others opinion of my body do not matter in the least. My body can be any size I want it to be as long as I feel good about it.
  • Time is a whole, organic thing, not a mechanical pieces measuring something. Time is nature as my body is nature. Time is my body in relation to my local solar system, our Great Sun and our local universe. It is all conscious Unity and all of it is aware of all of the rest of it in the matrix. We are One with all that is, as time in this manifested dimension.
  • Money is just a tool just like any other tool whose ultimate purpose is to create something. Money serves ART or creativity. All tools serve us as co-creators with Source.
  • Money is not alive and has no power in and of itself. Money only has the power we give it just like any tool. We control it, it does not control or define us.
  • As soon as I allow any tool to control me I set it down, walk away, and change my focus back to my breath and body to get centered.
  • Any tumultuous feelings I have I silently acknowledge and silently ask my body where it’s coming from and listen for the answer. My body will tell me and help me heal. In fact, my own body can heal me of absolutely anything because it is one with Source. It is pure, unconditional Love.

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