Secret meetings near Jupiter decide the future of our Solar System? By Dr. Michael Salla

My sense upon viewing this and reading the article is that if China and Russia are not included in the peace agreement it’s by no means done and there could still be a space war. I agree with Dr. Greer that is unacceptable.

“Agreements have been passed on Jupiter yesterday between the different progressive galactic coalitions and Terran military forces, to share the use and the protection of this star system, regarding economic and military domains in preparation for the future. Territories of action have been set. Terran Humans are officially taking ownership of their system. The US was the lead representative in these series of meetings; they were chosen by the GFW because of their abilities, resources, and goals, best able to guarantee a sustainable and glorious future for off-world humankind.”-Elena Danaan

This is the link o Dr. Salla’s article;

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