Monday Reading; The Purpose of Evolving and Raising Your Frequency is to Realize Synchronicity

I pulse in order to Evolve. Realizing Synchronicity, I seal the matrix of Navigation with the solar tone of intention. I am guided by the power of Space.

Today is kin 217 in the S. Polar Zone of Earth which is negatively charged (-) in the crossover polarity of the double helix DNA. Coordinate is 55:17:9:217. Hz frequency for mediation is 1090.8Hz.

I Ching Hx is 51; Arousing Shock and Thunder. Hmmm. Maybe in 2 days on Blue 11 Spectral Storm. My Dream-spell book is full of big events on that day. Eyes open, head up on Wednesday. The next I Ching Hx is “Progress”.

  1. Raise your frequency by becoming conscious of bad habits and replacing them with good ones, especially regarding your body and thoughts.
  2. When you do that you start to notice and understand Synchronicity in the matrix.
  3. Forthwith, your navigation or decision making starts to be ON TARGET bc you are loving yourself and have no guilt, thus no resentment, thus no jealousy. Self-esteem raises your frequency. But it’s not ego.
  4. Add to all of that, writing down your INTENTIONS meaning things you really want to do and can do or people to meet up with.
  5. The power of Space is Red Skywalker. My tribe is very supportive of people to improve themselves and get heathier and happier. No competition on that. We can all achieve that abundance.

Body Holon

Tone 9 pulses to the left elbow all day.

  • Theme is 9Phenylalanine or Red 9 Solar Earth. Body pulse is to the left side of the face, nose, mouth, cheek
  • Analog is 9Glycine or White 9 Solar Wind. Body pulse is to the right side of the face. (the mouth, communication), nose, cheek.
  • Guide Power this morning was 9Glutamine or Red 9 Solar Skywalker. Body pulse is to the left thorax, ribs, organs. I was thinking of you this morning even though I’m late again. Snowed under with duties.
  • Antipode right now is 9Isoleucine or Blue 9 Solar Hand. Body pulse is to the right abdomen.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 5Valine or Yellow 5 Overtone Seed. Body pulse is to the right arm and hand. Plant good seed with your choices so you don’t feel guilty
  • 5GForce is 5Alanine or Blue 5 Radiant Night. There is nothing wrong with feeling abundant whichever way you define it. Body pulse is to the right neck.

Earth Holon

We are in the South Polar Zone on the planet. The Time Portal pulses to the majority of the African continent. Red Earth is a Core Kin pulsing to the heart of the planet whose job it is to TRANSDUCE info. from the cosmic web to earth. It’s location is Equator–15°W, the mid Atlantic off of the coast of Liberia, Africa.

Interplanetary Holon

Red Earth is mediated by far out URANUS

Mercury is in square to Chiron so communication can be tricky even though we have White Wind as our ANALOG. Still, go ahead and talk through it.

There can also be some self-doubt with this aspect but it’s just clarifying what we still need to release from our upbringing that doesn’t suit us as conscious adults.

Sun is semi-sextile Venus this afternoon with Blue Hand holding space. Eat a healthy lunch. That will be for starters and do your best not to resent people who are in your way or who you don’t agree with.

The Moon is void right now but will enter Sagittarius at 5pm. before we hit radiant Yellow Seed. The archer has that target in mind you know and Seed is all about targeting and flowering potential. Go ahead and be a leader in your own vortex and fulfill your potential no matter how threatening it is to weaker and lazier kin. If they’re not happy for you they don’t love you so let it go.

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