Sunday Reading; Off-Kilter day. Good Day to Stay Away From People and Self-Soothe in the Summer Sun. Raise Your Frequency.

Interplanetary Holon

I Harmonize in order to Question. Modeling Fearlessness I seal the output of Intelligence with the galactic tone of Integrity. I am guided by the power of Universal Fire

We are still on the Solar-Prophetic Outbreath moving toward the outer galaxy in our Minds. Mediating planet is Saturn and the Moon is in Scorpio. Aspect after aspect is grumpy and negative. It was the longest list of negatives I’ve seen in an astrology report. Maybe stay in bed or at least home.

Saturn will be in Aquarius until March 2023. It’s discipline and order for a new and revolutionary way of life. There is nothing mild about Aquarius kin ruled by Uranus. They are FAR OUT and usually RIGHT ON. I love it. Put that in Saturn and we’re down to business with light-working, disclosure and cooperation with stellar species peacefully.

Body Holon

Tone 8 pulses to the left shoulder joint and I woke up with a left shoulder that is tight as heck as well as my left neck. (Yellow Warrior). Synchronicity. I know what I have to let go of.

  • Theme is 8Histidine or Yellow 8 Galactic Warrior. We’re challenged to have integrity and intelligence and apply it to the situation. Pulse is to the left neck. What is the neck about? It “holds your head up” literally and figuratively. Yellow Warrior intelligence and consideration which is Blue Night meditation. We are able to make choices and not just live on impulse like children.
  • Analog is 8Alanine or Blue 8 Galactic Night (male right side). It pulses to the right neck. How do we define our abundance?
  • Guide Power is 8Stop Codon or Yellow 8 Galactic Sun (male right side). We’re at some kind of reckoning today. Pulse is to the right brain and the Cosmos is listening as usual.
  • Antipode is 8Threonine or White 8 Galactic World Bridger. (right male side) Pulse is to the right thorax, organs, lungs, heart, and rib cage.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 6Serine or Red 6 Rhythmic Serpent. (right male side) Pulse it to the right pec and breast
  • 5GForce is Yellow 6 Rhythmic Seed (right male side) pulsing to the right arm and hand. Seeds are airborne like the Eagle and they are analog.

Four of the archetypes in this theme plex pulse to the right male side even though the theme is on the left so there you have it. Synchronicity pulsing with the past.

Who and what have you lost? What has drastically changed for you? Is it still a rub causing cynicism or resentment? This harmonic has been about past lives with the AC strand from the future heavily pulsing on the CA strand from the PAST. It looks to me that this rough energy is about releasing it so we can sit in some new, better energy. Be patient with yourself. Maybe it didn’t suit you. What does suit you in truth? We have to choose it in time, in our bodies and do something different to feel better on this planet rather than wait to die. Physical death isn’t real anyway. It’s a narrative that’s been programmed into us like so many things and it is 100% incorrect with our potential.

Earth Holon

West Africa and, the Atlantic Ocean near the Bermuda Triangle. This is a CARDINAL KIN at the throat of the planet (Yellow Warrior ∞ Blue Night) whose job is to TRANSMIT info from the Cosmic Web. We are at 30°N–60°W. Synchronicity with Yellow Warrior pulsing to the neck (throat)

Jihadis are doing some recruiting there. Lovely. Just what the people of West Africa need.

West Africa also has natural beauty when it isn’t being war torn and preyed on by the elite.

Famous Yellow Warrior Kin; All fighters and very intelligent, every last one of them. I love Malcolm X.

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