A Tidbit from my Book on Holograms

This includes info. I received in my dream state last night with regard to mirrors, White Mirror in my physics equation in the book, and silver in mirrors, photographs, and holograms.

Holograms and the Holomovement

“We have this lure of completeness. But there are domains of reality beyond what we see with our eyes.” David Bohm, physicist

“You can find the universe in a grain of sand.”

“There is no division between the mind, body and Spirit. The body IS all three at the same time.” – Holism-Mind, Body, Spirit

“Classical holography creates two-dimensional renderings of three-dimensional objects with a beam of laser light split into two paths. The path of one beam, known as the object beam, illuminates the holography’s subject, with the reflected light collected by a camera or special holographic film. The path of the second beam, known as the reference beam, is bounced from a mirror directly onto the collection surface without touching the subject.” -theconversation.com

A photographer developing film in the old-fashioned toxic dark room used pure silver in nitric acid to form silver nitrate crystals which mixed with other chemicals to form silver halide grains, which are then suspended in gelatin and applied to the film base. He would hold the film in a developer solution and the picture taken would become visible on the film. She/he could then copy that onto photo paper. Silver halides are used in darkroom papers as well as film. When the silver halides are exposed to light, they are reduced to metallic silver, which forms the image on your film and darkroom paper. In darkroom photography, there are three relevant halogens (Bromide, Chloride, and Iodide).

The question arose in my mind what action the amino acid Tyrosine (White Mirror) played in reflection and refraction? And so I googled it and found this article as the clock on my computer was 11:11.

This is from the National Institutes of Health;

Silver Nanoparticles Formation using Tyrosine in the Presence of Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide



Upon addition of silver nitrate (precursor) to a solution of tyrosine (reductant) and cetly-trimethyl-ammonium bromide (stabilizer), a transient species appears as the reaction time increases, which is stable for several months. The formation of silver nanoparticle was observed visually by color change (pale yellow to brownish yellow). In order to confirm the nature of the transient species, spectroscopic, kinetic, coagulation, transmission and scanning electron microscopic experiments were carried out. The reaction follows first-order kinetics with respect to [tyrosine] and [Ag(+)] under our experimental conditions. The phenolic -OH group of tyrosine is responsible for the reduction of Ag(+) (silver is Ag) ions. (an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons.)On the basis of various observations, the most plausible mechanism is proposed and discussed. (see the link above for the rest of this.)

What if gravity is a type of galactic light that penetrates our deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA and we become visible when exposed to the magnetic mirror in my equation on page 117 or page 111? What is the cosmic analog to silver? Tyrosine which is the amino acid for White Mirror?

Maybe, our DNA consciousness activates gravity so that we become visible and available to the five senses, although the five sense are illusory. Also, possibly the trace amounts of silver in our bodies starts the process just like it brings forward an image on film in the dark room. We do have something in our brains called “mirror neurons” in addition to microscopic magnets. I have the scholarly article on it.

But we are a multidimensional image not just a 2D image on paper or a 3D image of a hologram. We’re multidimensional right now in our bodies because DNA is Time.

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