Monday Reading; We Learn to Love through Struggle

I polarize in order to Love. Stabilizing Loyalty I seal the process of Heart with the lunar tone of Challenge. I am guided by the power of Spirit. I am a galactic activation portal…enter me.

If it was easy to choose love it would be easy to lose love and neither is easy. It seems to me that is the case throughout the local universe on other planets. There is a certain amount of giving up control to nature or evolution instead of trying to control situations ourselves. That is where observing synchronicity comes in, for in seeing how things organize themselves in the Matrix you have informed consent when you do consent to a choice you make; universal information. Not everyone is observant or patient enough to use this tool but it is the key to “check and avoid” to sidestep conflict. Let the giant’s weight bring him down on his own.

Other species have problems with love because they haven’t had to fight for it as we have on Earth or they don’t know what it is because they have not experienced a bestowal of a Creator Son on their planet so personally as we have. And he was here only 2000 years ago. That’s very recent. You will see, when you leave this planet, how many mistakes have been made by certain actors who were supposed to be helping. So much of the trouble humans go through is not caused by us, which is the opposite of what MSM or mainstream media says. Well, they are beholden to the universe bad actors so…par for the course.

Species fight for other things as humans do such as territory, control, metals, slaves, food, anything they want or need. But I don’t think it’s common to fight for freedom and love in the local universe as we hold dear on this planet.

Body Holon

Tone 2 pulses to the right knee.

Theme is 2Aspartic Acid or White 2 Polar Dog. This pulses to the flesh of the left leg and foot .

Analog is 2Methionine or Red 2 Polar Moon. Polarizing feelings. This pulses to the flesh of the RIGHT LEG and FOOT, right below Tone 2 knee joint.

Guide Power is 2Glycine or White 2 Polar Wind. Very beneficial for communication in synchrony with Mercury and other astrological placements. This pulses to the right side of the face.

Antipode is 2Stop Codon or Yellow 2 Polar Sun. In synchrony with Moon in Leo and other Leo placements. This pulses to the RIGHT BRAIN.

Hidden Wisdom is 12Asparigine or Blue 12 Crystal Monkey. In synchrony with the positive Venus placements. This pulses to the LEFT HIP AREA.

5Gforce is 12Aspartic Acid or White 12 Crystal Dog. This pulses to the left knee and left leg and foot. It’s still all about grounding today but now we are on the female side of the body.

Earth Holon

The Time Portal is West of Alaska. White Dog is a North Polar Kin at the Crown of the planet whose job it is to receive information from the Cosmic Web. 60° north— 165° east.

Interplanetary Holon

  • The Moon spends the day in the sign of demonstrative Leo ruled by THE SUN.
  • The Leo Moon aligns with Venus and Mars in the sign this morning as these bodies head toward a conjunction.We’re spirited, affectionate, and creative under these influences.
  • Today’s Mercury-Jupiter trine boosts our confidence and faith. Through conversations, a positive outlook or hopefulness can emerge–we have more trust in the future.
  • We seek a little extra meaning to our projects and experiences, and we can benefit from big-picture thinking. Our ideas are big, and our intentions noble in synchronicity with the hidden wisdom.
  • We might receive good news or offers now. Curiosity grows.
  • The void Moon occurs from 8:29 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Mars). I think this brings down the energy.
  • The Moon enters Virgo tomorrow, Tuesday, July 13th, at 4:31 AM EDT.
Mercury mediates Red Moon ∞ White Dog

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