Sunday. We Begin a New 13-day Cycle with the New Moon in Leo. Today is Red 1 Magnetic Moon

Body Holon

I Unify in order to Purify. Attracting Flow I seal the process of Universal Water with the magnetic tone of Purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled.

TONE 1 pulses to the RIGHT ANKLE JOINT so it’s in direct synchronicity with the amino acid pulse at the flesh of the right leg. We are at the earth attachment on the male side of the body. How does the male principle express it’s BOND to the earth? I’m actually not sure. This is a mystery to me. Maybe through women. That’s why they want and need us.

We enter a new Harmonic #53 and the I Ching is “Biting Through/Reform”

We also enter the Green Castle of Enchantment which is an expression of the 52-day cycle in our DNA. This is the Court of the Matrix; Synchronize Human during the Moon Genesis.

What Tzolkin archetypes do we see in The WIZARD of OZ? I’ll need to dedicate a post to the Green Castle of Enchantment.

Theme is 1Methionine or Red 1 Magnetic Moon. This pulses to the flesh of the RIGHT LEG and FOOT. This is the start codon in the DNA sequence. Dorothy’s RED SHOES were on her feet and guided her on the YELLOW brick Road (See Hidden Wisdom) to encourage her to become a cosmic human.

Analog is 1Aspartic Acid or White 1 Magnetic Dog. Toto was a magnetic dog he just wasn’t white. He was very charismatic though. This pulses to the flesh of the LEFT LEG andFOOT. The leg iz below the knee. The thigh is above it.

Guide Power is Itself. At the end Dorothy knew that her way home was inside of herself. If something or someone has taught you to love or mirrored it to you so that you see it, it’s real. The world is full of love you just have to stay within your self and find it there first. That is your real home; YOUR BODY. Call me cheesy, but I love this song. Sun is in Cancer right now as well.

She is White 8 Galactic Mirror and an Aries. And look at that dress. It goes with her signature. And then she ends sitting in front of a mirror.

Antipode is 1Tryptophan or Blue 1 Magnetic Storm. This pulses to the LEFT BRAIN. There was quite a tornado (storm) in the Wizard of Oz that landed her in another dimension. Hmm

Hidden Wisdom is 13Glutamic Acid of Yellow 13 Cosmic Human. This pulses to the LEFT ABDOMEN. The Yellow Brick Road…

5GForce is Blue 13 Monkey which pulses to the Left hip/buttock area. This is in synchronicity with the Tzolkin alignments for this entire harmonic. The flying monkeys? LOL…I don’t know. It’s all interesting.

Let’s see if the E.T.’s can match human soul moves. I somehow doubt it. We’ve evolved a whole other way. They want some of it. Don’t be enamored of tech. Be enamored of your body and take care of it. Drink water. Dance. Be Happy.

Earth Holon

We are located North of the Antarctic Circle in the South Pacific far off the coast of Chile at 60 Degrees south-–105 degrees west. This is a GATEWAY KIN at the root of the planet whose job is to TRANSMIT info. from the Cosmic Web. We are also in the Earth Zone of Transformation.

Interplanetary Holon

Mercury mediates Red Moon and White Dog and the Moon is in Gemini so Gemini exploration is pulsing with the New Moon in Leo and the Sun in Cancer. I have written in my Dream spell book, “Mercury karma”. It’s Red Moon Wave-spell Seventeen, Power of Universal Water. Mercury has moved into everyone’s different houses but is placed in Gemini, it’s home. This is a powerful alignment with true emotions and how we communicate them in our home environment in a positive manner. Let your radiant self come forward.

There is strong grounding in our domestic situation right now with BOTH FEET, Red Moon, and White Dog pulsing. This is Tone 1 and Tone 13 that keep our QI hooked into the earth through the bottom of our feet like a plug into an electrical outlet. Keep your feet moving to keep your body aligned.

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