Saturday; Cosmic Beauty, Harmony and Art as We End This 13-day Cycle and the Omega Point and Prepare for the New Moon in Leo

Your Body Holon

I endure in order to Beautify. Transcending Art I seal the store of Elegance with the Cosmic tone of Presence. I am guided by the power of Free-Will

Cosmic Tone 13 pulses to the LEFT ANKLE all day.

Theme is 13Leucine or Yellow 13 Cosmic Star. Big art, creativity and enjoyment pulses to the right thigh, low back and buttock and genital area down to the knee. We’re in belly dancing region here which is very healthy for women and men. The hips need to keep rotating to be healthy. This dancer has serious muscle isolation ability and is moving Yellow Human-Blue Hand and Yellow Star-Blue Monkey. The attributes of those tribes GROUNDED humans into the body and helped us reproduce successfully. We had to bring that back after the Tiamat blowup.

Analog is 13Asparagine or Blue 13 Cosmic Monkey and pulses to the LEFT thigh, low back and buttock and genital area down to the knee.

Guide Power is 13Glutamic Acid or Yellow 13 Cosmic Human. This pulses to the left abdomen from the navel down to the top of the thigh.

Antipode is 13Tyrosine of White 13 Cosmic Mirror. This pulses to the LEFT EYE.

Hidden Wisdom is 1Glutamine or Red 1 Magnetic Skywalker. This pulses to the LEFT thorax or rib cage down to the top of the navel.

Notice all the energy flow on the left, female side of the body as counterpoint to Yellow Star which is on the right.

Earth Holon

Yellow Star is mediated by Venus and the Time Portal is off the west coast of S. America at 30 degrees south 50 degrees west. This is a SIGNAL KIN and is located at the solar plexus of the planet (the navel, belly dancing) and it’s job is to receive signals from the cosmic web. I believe Easter Island is in this portal area!

Interplanetary Holon

This is perfect synchronicity aa today’s New Moon is in Leo starting at 8pm and we start a new 13-day cycle tonight at midnight with Red 1 Magnetic Moon ending with Red 13 Dragon. That means we are initiating a new DNA sequence with the Start Codon Methionine.

The New Moon in Leo pulses with the SUN or Yellow Sun that pulses to the right brain on the male side of the body because Leo is ruled by the sun. Red Moon (the new 13-day cycle) pulses to the right foot AND the right ankle joint pulses with Tone 1 so more synchronicity with the body. That’s the mission here folks. We’re evolving our bodies forward and taking charge of our planet.

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