Time is Multidimensional. If DNA is Time then DNA is Multidimensional

Two-dimensions of time would make time travel possible. Instead of being linear, at some point time loops back on itself. In this way, you could travel back or forward in time.-The Article


Quantum Physics already knows time is multidimensional and teaches it. In my opinion, these 2 dimensions going forward and backward are time; the past and the future, the 2 strand of the DNA double helix. It’s simple.-Lisa T.

We think of DNA as only 3D but all of my work is showing that it’s not. Originally I felt that the Tzolkin Harmonic was going to illuminate protein folding because of the alignment with tRNA, and it still may, but it’s more tantalizing to me to see our bodies and minds as quantum (the plural of quanta). The word quanta is the root word of quantum and it just means the smallest thing possible. Maybe like a light beam? A quanta is a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.


  1. 1.PHYSICS-the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles, especially high-energy particles which cause ionization.
  2. BIOLOGY-divergence out from a central point, in particular evolution from an ancestral animal or plant group into a variety of new forms. “evolution is a process of radiation not progression”

Looking at both of those definitions of radiation I would say humans match the physics definition more accurately than the biology definition. We are physically radiant not biologically radiant…because of our conscious minds and the ability to enact meaningful, independent action, not necessarily following a herd or group which tends to happen in nature all the time. Humans like to get all “TONE 4 SELF-EXISTING” and go off by themselves. It helps us become smarter not to follow others. Tell your friends.

We’re moving past just our five senses here and accepting the fact that things like time, light and gravity are fluid. They are nouns, just very, very, very small particle nouns. How else could this work?

Spirituality has us visualizing and projecting our focused thoughts these days to manifest in 3D and it works. It happens when people do the projection correctly, sitting in their true frequency, not lying about what they really feel and believe. The key is getting in touch with that in a society that has expertly trained people to lie to themselves and each other, all the time. A person who is authentic is definitely a freak and quite intimidating, not to mention socially taboo.

That would mean thoughts are quantum also and everyone is claiming that as well. That’s what telepathy is. Someone’s thought or emotional vibe literally hits your body and you can feel it. These are the days we live in. It’s best to intentionally set your frequency before you go out the front door and also to set it yourself. Don’t let MSM or others dictate it.

Our body, mind, and spirit are quantum. Then our DNA is quantum. Then the DNA we’ve inherited spiritually from J. C. is quantum. Just because he didn’t mate and have children doesn’t mean we don’t have his DNA. We do on a quantum level.

Feel your Qi and Focus your Qi in the body. It’s the key to Health

My followers are not necessarily religious people so I’m not going to start citing a lot of Hebrew scripture, but when J.C. walked the planet, he talked about spiritual inheritance, that people who focused their mindset and heart on his Spirit were “heirs to Christ”. That is an inheritance of Christ Consciousness. It’s cited quite a bit and was the main tenet of his teaching. He claimed that we can become new creatures under this influence the same way the scientists have found that muscle strengthening changes our DNA. A spiritual workout with your Creator changes your DNA also.

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