Thursday Reading; Today is at a Standstill Under the Spectral Tone 11

Body Holon

I dissolve in order to Equalize. Releasing Opportunity I seal the store of death with the spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled.

Tone 11 articulates at the LEFT HIP JOINT. It’s Occult Partner, tone 3 hits the right hip. Belly dancing moves the energy of the upper body down to the feet and helps ground.

  • Theme is 11Threonine or White 11 Spectral World Bridger. Threonine pulses to the right chest/rib area under the breast stopping at the navel.
  • Analog is 11Glutamine or Red 11 Spectral Skywalker. Glutamine pulses opposite Threonine on the left chest/thorax area.
  • Guide Power is itself
  • Antipode is 11Histidine or Yellow 11 Warrior. Histidine pulses to the left neck
  • Hidden Wisdom is 3Arginine or Blue 3 Electric Eagle. Arginine pulses to the left shoulder
  • 5Gforce is 3Lysine or White 3 Wizard. This pulses to the left breast area and right hip.

Earth Holon-Geomancy

White World Bridger is a Cardinal Kin at the Throat area of the planet whose job it is to transmit multidimensional energies. The Time Portal that Google Earth is now blocking on my computer so I can’t share it, proving that’s it’s accurate, is 30 degrees north—120 degrees east. This is east of Shanghai China.

You can just type these coordinates into your phone and it will come right up but I don’t think they’ll let you share it from there either. We wouldn’t want all of you flocking onto the Cosmic Web through the day’s time portal. Only the corrupt elite are allowed to do that…for now, trying to escape their karma. Karma follows you throughout the Grand Universe so their flight is futile. Good riddens ya’ll.

“When I say Grand Universe I mean the organized, inhabited creation. It consists of the perfect central universe of Havona (humans heard it as heaven) and the seven evolutionary super universe revolving about it. The super universes are unfinished; new nebulae are constantly being organized. When finished each super universe will contain 100,000 local universes, each of which will contain about 10,000, 000 inhabited planets.

(None of them can get rid of your soul imprint which is how Universe personalities find you. You can run but you can’t hide.-Me)

Our super-universe , the seventh, is called Orvonton, which has a diameter of approximately 500,000 light years and contains more than ten trillion suns. Practically all of the starry realms visible to the naked eye belong to the super-universe of Orvonton. The vast Milky Way starry system represents the central nucleus of Orvonton. The great aggregation of suns, dark islands of space, double stars, globular clusters, star clouds, spiral and other nebulae, together with myriads of individual planets, forms a watch-like, elongated-circular grouping of about one seventh of the inhabited evolutionary universes. When the angle of observation is propitious, gazing through the main body of this realm of maximum density, you are looking toward Paradise.

Our local universe, Nebadon, is located near the edge of Orvonton. Our planet, Urantia, belongs to the system of Satania, which is well out towards the borderland of Nebadon. Christ Michael, J.C., is the Sovereign of our local universe of Nebadon. .“-The Urantia Book

Interplanetary Holon-Astronomy


The mediating planet today is Mars which rules Aries.

The new moon is tomorrow so a new project or idea could come forward for your home since the Sun is in Cancer.

A Venus-Uranus square takes hold and that directly affects Taurus kin. Venus is a co-ruler and Taurus is in Uranus for many years. I would start hatching the energy mentally bit let it lie today. Just settle in.

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