The Cosmic Hoax: What’s Coming?-Dr. Salla Responds

Cosmic Christ. The Entire Local Universe Knows Who he is. I Promise You. His name is Christ Michael. We knew him as Jeshua ben Joseph, son of Joseph. And Joseph WAS his biological father on earth. Just one of the Catholic lies.

It sounds like a rooster crowing in the background of this video and it’s very distracting. But let’s consider that a synchronicity. I do support Dr. Salla’s work and like him but it’s ever so clear to me that he is of a political-military and Catholic Church mindset and I’m not.

I say that bc he starts crowing about the Vatican as a representative of Christ. They are not! and it’s an appalling suggestion given their documented record of pedophilia gone unpunished by the U.N. The Vatican should be closed down for crimes against humanity imo!

I’m all about Christ Consciousness but the Vatican are the hijackers of that on the planet. In our Mayan info. history they are the Time Thieves and connected to Jupiter and Saturn, not particularly friendly planets for earth. But as I’ve mentioned before, I have a strong sense that after the debacle of Tiamat blowup they helped us retain our Dream Spell to bring to earth which contained our history until we were ready to wake up which happens to be right now.

Second, Dr. Salla forges ahead with the assumption that J.C. has not had a bestowal incarnation on other planets. That is incorrect. He has! It’s in the Urantia Book and I will make a post today.

Christ is not just our Creator, he is the Creator  and Lover of this entire Local Universe; all species. This may be news to people who are Christian and have only read the Bible. Christ Michael, his Universe name, had six other bestowals on other planets. HE IS KNOWN, IN PERSON IN THE FLESH by all local universe species. Not only that, he works as AN EQUAL with Mother Spirit. They work side by side.

In addition, there were twelve women disciples called the Women’s Apostolic Corp. who went everywhere with J.C. on his teaching tours just like the men. And after his appalling rorture and death they stayed. They didn’t flee in fear like the men. There is more.

These facts are completely erased from scripture. The details will be in my post.

This would be a major ruse for humans to believe that E.T. need to be proselytized about him by Catholics. Like humans, they just need to get past their local book about him and read the universal dispensation about who he really is and what happened on their planet.

Our planet is called Urantia on the universe records and we are planet #606. Many people, including me, see 606 regularly which is a digital support sign from the Midwayers for us.

Dr. Greer has never suggested the E.T. are our saviors. He rightly points out the truth that THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY CANNOT BE TRUSTED and are not our saviors either. We are our own saviors. That is in the Urantia Book as well. But J.C. pointed out the way to do that perfectly. No Christian has ever gotten that information.

Also, Dr. Greer knows there are malevolent E.T. but we’ve been told repeatedly by Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Elena Denaan and other insiders that the Galactic Federation of Worlds has our back. Besides, we’re no match for the tech and fire power of the malevolent ones.

Does Dr. Salla have some insider information he’s not telling us? I think there are some secret contracts being made politically where once again humans are considered collateral damage. I can see it.

Enough of this ego from insider men. It’s all about empowerment and lightworkers have universal support, not political and religious which are like knats to us to be swatted away.

Go ahead and start with this video and I will post more later today.

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