A Video of How Our DNA is Processed

I probably posted this before but I believe this is updated.

Our E.T. ancestors, specifically the Venusians (the Maya) and the Insectoids are superior genetic programmers, and created this “system” of genetic evolution. The Tzolkin is the software program for the machinery or cosmic computer from Galactic Center.

As we know, the main data in the Tzolkin program or Harmonic is our Mother’s DNA. That is seen in the Hidden Wisdom position in the 5 amino acid theme-plex. When you see the globs of protein in this video those are the proteins (The Tzolkin Archetypes) getting all organized and then informing the DNA double helix what it’s supposed to carry so that each individual human is different based on your parents, especially your mother.

But it’s interesting to watch this and realize that 4/5 of the genetic programming going into the DNA spiral is not from your earth parents. I’d say it’s natural evolution from your previous soul expressions and possible future expressions IN TIME.

The piece I add to this as you look at the spiral, is that it is TIME, the past and the present. Corey Goode said he saw this happening and described it, but he didn’t know what he was seeing. I copied down his quote, asked if I could use it, he said yes, and it’s in my book.

Note what happens at 5:45, the epigenetic part.

Also note if you observe crossover polarity in the process or the binary triplet configuration.

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