Thursday Reading; Defining Yourself on a Self-Generation Day.

Body Holon; Biology

I Define in order to Catalyze. Measuring Energy I seal the matrix of Self-Generation with the Self-Existing tone of Form. I am guided by the power of vision.

As the creative tones ascend they bring more complex order to DNA. Today we land on Self-Existing Tone 4 which mediates the right wrist joint.

The theme is 4Tryptophan or Blue 4 Self-Existing Storm and Analog is 4Stop Codon or Yellow 4 Self-Existing Sun. They mediate the left brain and top of the head and the right brain and top of the head. The QI ley line begins at the right thumb and runs to the top of the head. This is great potential energy to open and align the crown chakra above the head and make sure the pineal gland in the mid-brain is dominating your spiritual sight as opposed to your two physical eyes which are just sensors.

Note what he says in the video about our five senses leading us astray if we rely on them for TRUTH. Your eyes are a big part of that. That’s why meditation is so important. Close your eyes and stop getting information from the MOVIE watching in the Matrix. Sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat to yourself to wake up. Life is but a dream.

Guide Power this morning is 4Arginine or Blue 4 Self-Existing Eagle. Well, what I just posted above about vision! 🙂 This pulses to the left shoulder also. How it that feeling today? There is information there.

Antipode this afternoon is 4Methionine or the Start Codon in a DNA sequence. It is Red 4 Self-Existing Moon and pulses from the right foot. This should move whatever grounding you did with it yesterday over to the left and up to the left brain.

Hidden Wisdom is 10Glycine or White 10 Planetary Wind. This pulses to the right side of the face; nose, cheek and mouth. Is your communication with others relaxed? Make sure you’re computing synchronicity before you decide to speak. What is your motivation?

5GForce is 10Cysteine or Red 10 Planetary Dragon

The clarification mentioned in the video I posted is a Double Pulse. I Hope you will watch it.

“You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war. The very prevention of war requires more faith, courage and resolution than are needed to prepare for war.”

Albert Einstein

Then you can’t prepare for a balanced, whole earth by preparing for disaster necause your mind is imagining disaster. It’s easy to do and easy to follow because everyone is so hell bent on the past 12,000 year cycle. I’m not.

It’s time to move to a new level as far as knowing yourself. We don’t know ourselves through others or our family; we know ourselves through our own soul in order to become a co-creator and actually be of help and contribute on the planet. This is not a sacrifice but a fullness of joy to share who we are with others. That doesn’t mean they’re going to accept or like you, but they might. What matters most is that you’re doing things and living as you like.

We only need to use those mirror neurons in our brains when we’re young and socially adapting to the planet; monkey see monkey do in order to learn. Once we’re adults that needs to end. We learn a different way; by doing, trial and error, perseverance, experimentation, adventure, and faith in the Universe.

Just for the record, Albert Einstein was Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun; the PEAK of the Tzolkin and an extremely positive sign. These kin don’t follow they lead in any profession they are in. I’ve known 3 of them individually. Ben Davidson claimed Einstein was “a cataclysmist” in his last video, meaning he supported the idea of a coming cataclysm. Einstein was a man of faith and spiritual. He was a master mathematician as a child. He was not a 12:60 materialist, he was a freak like most people who bring the future into the present. Suspicious Observers is on YouTube. I’m not posting it anymore.

If you look at the Interplanetary Holon it’s very clear that when you end up at Blue Storm, tribe 19 on the AC, future to present timeline, all of that information pulses RIGHT ACROSS to Yellow Sun which starts the CA (Civilizational Advance) timeline. Einstein was 13 Yellow Sun, as enlightened in that tribe as you can be. More than anyone, I’m sure he knew that if humans as a collective wanted a brighter future they could choose it for themselves by focusing and working for it.

Sure, it’s easy to see how we tend to do ourselves in by focusing on the past and being self-destructive but Einstein’s life and work proved that he did not do that. I disagree with Ben using Einstein to shore up his negative prognostications for the future of humanity. It doesn’t matter that 100,000 people agree with him. As Mark Twain said (who was best friends with Tesla), “If you have anything valuable or correct to contribute to society you’ll have to cram it down people’s throats.” LOL. 100% agree. Don’t expect to be famous if you’re on the leading edge and correct. In fact the opposite.

Earth Holon; GEOMANCY

Blue Storm is a Gateway kin is at the root of the planet. They transmit information. Location is 60°S—75°E on the East coast of Antarctica.

Interplanetary Holon; ASTRONOMY

The mediating planet is PLUTO which rules Scorpio so you may be digging into parts of yourself and letting it go.

Mars is in perfect opposition to Saturn so there is some restriction to asserting ourselves in synchronicity with the advice to try to do so anyway. You can always do what I so and just not be around humans. I practice avoidance so I don’t have to explain myself thereby encountering resistance and stimulating conflict due to their indolence. Or…use your intuition with people and pick and choose. Today, a more conservative approach might feel calmer. We see that with White Wind Hidden Wisdom.

The Moon is in Aries and Sun is still in Cancer so that looks like getting some HOME projects done with gusto that don’t need anyone else’s permission or approval.

Just watch who you step in front of today and maybe side-step them quickly so you don’t get any on you.

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