Tuesday Reading; Duality Stabilizes Synchronicity

Uranus is the mediating planet today. It also rules Aquarius

We will continue to be constructive and observe the expression of the Tzolkin in the holonomic Matrix of Earth, astronomy, and our biology. This is microcosmic to macrocosmic perspective so we can see the synchronicity. As we saw yesterday with the magnetic tone, they are UNIFIED INTELLIGENCE.

Theme is 2Phenylalanine or Red 2 Polar Earth. This is a challenge to Evolve forward not stay the same or go backward.

Analog is 2Glycine or White 2 Polar Wind. We are challenged to process our Truth and not sit in fear.

Guide Power is 2Methionine or Red 2 Polar Moon. The Moon is in Pisces today and it’s fish symbol goes in opposite directions. That movement is in synchronicity with Tone 2 polarizing.

Antipode is 2 Isoleucine or Blue 2 Polar Hand. We are challenged to be busy with healing ourselves more than needing someone else to do it for us. They can help but their role is limited.

Hidden Wisdom is 12Valine or Yellow 12 Crystal Seed. It’s time to Universalize being a Spiritual Creator on the planet. The reigns are being handed to humans. The post I uploaded from Michael Salla is very interesting about the different E.T. Confederations but we don’t need to focus on it. Just read it and file it away.

5GForce from our E.T. ancestors is 12Alanine or Blue 12 Crystal Night

Red Earth Time Portal Earth Holon is right over the center of Africa. https://africanews.com

Body Holon is the left ear, nose, mouth, cheek. and chin including the skull. Tone 2 pulses at the right knee joint

Astronomical interplanetary Holon; Uranus is in Taurus and squares Saturn all year so The Age of Aquarius values are at the forefront as well as aligning the issues that brought Atlantis down in the past. Our societal structures are completely changing. That was part of yesterday’s post. As usual we are negotiating both time lines; past to present and future to present through the DNA double helix because DNA is time.

I polarize in order to Evolve. Stabilizing Synchronicity I seal the Matrix of Navigation with the polar tone of Challenge. I am guided by the power of Universal Water. I am a galactic activation portal.

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