Monday Reading; 1Histidine or Yellow 1 Magnetic Warrior

Saturn is the planet of the 6-sided Hexagon at it’s north pole.

We are mediated by Saturn today and the DNA pulse is in the upper part of the body, especially the left side of the neck. However, Tone 1 pulses on the right ankle. 

On the earth  body, or earth holon which pulses in synchronicity with all DNA on earth, Yellow Warrior time portal is just off the coast of NW Africa 30° N and 60° W. The Bermuda Triangle is in this portal area and is purported to have the old civilization of Atlantis under it. I found some information on this and it’s not terribly positive.

I found some synchronicity with the Tzolkin in a book called “The History of Atlantis”. The first image is EXACT with what I have in my Tzolkin. A on the left is Atlantis and Yellow Warrior Time Portal off the coast of Africa is on the right.

Saturn, or the Greek god Chronos (TIME) ruled the Kingdom of Atlantis and became the divine ancestor of all earthy patriarchs and kings. Lovely. The Dream spell Book teaches that Time Thieves from Saturn and Jupiter put our Dream spell in place to make us forget our power and co-opt it for themselves. Why? More trouble among the gods who are supposed to have all the answers? They don’t. However, Tiamat was a major screwup for our species, when we were Maldekians and Tiamatians. So it’s very possible Saturn was our karma for that. I would cop to that although I’ve never been enamored with technology…at all. So now we have to prove we can handle ourselves and the planet now. I think we’re ready but we need more time. And we’re in 13:20, not 12;60.

Humans need to step up with something called “Our Soul”. Our ancestors are the E.T. They don’t have answers for us anymore!! They only have 12:60 cataclysm and disaster from the past. I’m bored with it.

Saturn is the Lord of The Rings (!!) Then there is the movie about the Cube of the Law. So the Cube fits right inside the 6-pointed Star of David and the sides form a hexagon. The hexagonal storm is at the N. Pole of Saturn, literally.

The Moon is in Aquarius today, just now in fact as I type this at 1:31pm. Synchronicity with Atlantis and Yellow Warrior.

The theme, Yellow Warrior is analog ∞ with Blue Night. We also begin a new 13-day cycle today, Power of Intelligence.

Histidine aids memory and cognitive function. It is the precursor to Histamine, the local mediator of allergic reactions which means it supports the immune system. Histamine is vasoactive – it increases the diameter of blood vessels to improve blood flow and removes surplus heavy metals and protects from radiation.

Saturn, black, the cube inside the 6-pointed star creates a Hexagon. You can see all of them.

The carotid arteries are a pair of blood vessels located on both sides of your neck that deliver significant amounts of blood or QI to your brain and head. These arteries are mediated by Histidine and Alanine which are Yellow Warrior and Blue Night in the Mayan Oracle.

We are on the female principle side of the body moving upward which is the AC timeline in the double helix. This is an awareness of movement, events, and life issues that focus on bringing the FUTURE into the present as opposed to karma which is focusing on balancing issues from the past brought into the present. And they’re brought into the present by talking, thinking and feeling them all the time which is predominantly what our society does. That’s a TIME WARP and deconstructive if not balanced with the AC timeline. There is nothing wrong with mentioning the past since we learn from it but it’s a mistake to stay there all the time. People who are prophetic focus on the future because they can see how we’re creating it. It’s not rigid but in flux because of free will.

Guide Power this morning is Itself

Antipode this afternoon is White 1 Magnetic World Bridger or 1Threonine. We are letting go of something and CHANGE and BALANCE are in the air. This was yesterday’s Hidden Wisdom. Astrology synchronicity is a Mars-N. Node sextile supports the motivation to move forward and take on a challenge, the antipode being in the CHALLENGE position as well as Yellow Warrior thriving on challenge. Mars mediates White World-Bridger so three synchronicities here.

The Hidden Wisdom is 13Serine or Red 13 Cosmic Serpent. This was yesterday’s antipode and it’s moved down a space from our conscious mind to our subconscious mind. We are passionate about responding to our THRIVING instincts as opposed to fear which is being in survival instinct because of media programming, especially by modern science who can see as far as a fly on it’s nose and no further.

The 5GForce is 13 Valine or Yellow 13 Seed which was the analog yesterday so in this theme-plex we’ve got a lot of pulsing on yesterday. My sister and my aunt are both Cosmic Seed and struggle getting their bodies moving. Jupiter can help there for the Seed people and it balances out the B.S. of Saturn. I just gave my 13 Seed sister a pep talk but she inspires me as well; my 5GForce.

I Unify in order to question. Attracting fearlessness I seal the output of intelligence with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by y own power doubled.

How can we turn this negative Saturnian frequency around? Were the Maya, who were from Venus, able to see this another way or is their info. from the Atlanteans?

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