The 11.3 Year Sunspot Cycle

11.3 year sunspot cycle for our solar system, thus earth

Our perception of TIME or Mindset regarding time directly affects every cell of our bodies. It governs synchronicity.

Mindset is Timeset meaning you literally change your own destiny timeline when you control and decide your mindset. That changes your DNA because time is one with our DNA. (Our bodies). I have the math. 🧐

The 11.3 year sunspot cycle has been confirmed by Science (Astronomy) for many years. It’s not in question. I have done the math and merged it with the Tzolkin 260 day galactic spin or 260 day cycle that sprockets with the 365 day solar year.

11.3 years turns into 16 galactic spins. 260 days is a galactic spin.

365-day year x 11.3 sunspot cycle = 4124.5 days. Then 365÷3 = 121 to account for 0.3 or 1/3 of a solar year.

4124 days +121 days = 4245 days

4245 ÷ 260 = 16.3 so 16 galactic spins approximately.

260-day galactic spin x 16 = 4160.

4160÷365 = 11.3 approximately

11.3-year sunspot cycle = 260 days x 16

We have synchronicity Scotty. Beam us up. What does Scotty beam up in the transporter? Your body.

Cool Cell phone eh?

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