Sat. Reading; DNA Frequency for White 12 Wizard

I Dedicate in order to Enchant. Universalizing Receptivity I seal the output of Timelessness with the Crystal tone of Cooperation. I am guided by the power of Death

The Time Portal is in north central Antarctica.

Theme is 12Lysine ∞ Analog 12Serine

Guide Power is 12Threonine or White 12 Crystal World Bridger

Antipode is 12Valine or Yellow 12 Crystal Seed

Our purpose now it to raise our personal frequency through the focus of our Mind and optimizing our bodies so that we can sync with the earth changes. Synchronizing with the earth is the most power we can have. It’s stronger than A.I.

This is a positive, constructive track that is based in Real Intelligence, the opposite of A.I. I hear the vibration of Love shuts them down no matter what other strengths they have over us. They have no blood so they have no DNA and no QI.

They will never have a soul and currently, feel little to no emotion. My guess is it’s the male attempt to make a human since they can’t compete with women doing it automatically in their bodies. It was stunning listening to Emery Smith interview David Adair on GAIA Cosmic Disclosure last night on the issue of A.I. David had no clue about feelings or a soul. The man is brilliant but lacking any body awareness whatsoever. He has no real power then no matter how smart he is.

Body focus: upper chest left and right, pecs, breasts, ribs and knees; left knee is tone 12, right knee is tone 2, the Hidden Wisdom is 2Isoleucine or Blue 2 Polar Hand (right knee)

5GForce is 2Threonine or White 2 Polar World Bridger

14 White Wizard/Lysine, left breast/pec, lungs and heart, upper arm. We are on the Solar-Prophetic Outbreath galactically. This is the AC timeline (future to present).

Red Serpent/Serine, right breast/pec, lungs and heart, upper arm. This is the male energy, Galactic Karmic Inbreath coming down the right side of the body. (CA past to present)

As we travel around our bodies we’re becoming aware of the conscious dimensions within us and bringing it into Manifestation or 3D.

Left hand is Planetary Tone 10 and Right hand is Self-Existing Tone 4. Prayer is in the body as one whole unified dimension with full Universal Power centered in Love gifted to us by our Creator as we love our bodies in 3D Form. It is PERFECT

“As we raise the frequency of our body we raise the frequency of the planet. As we raise the frequency of the planet we raise the solar system and the local universe. Humans are powerful and have Source in every cell of our being.”-Lisa T.

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