Our Destiny Was Chosen by Us

“Clearly, many in the Global Galactic League of Nations consider humanity to be a successful end result of a project that they started long ago from an evolutionary point of view. Probably one that resulted from a lot of genetic and cultural manipulation, and adaptation over a great many years. We are their children, they care for us, and they want to protect us, but what would any parent do if the child does not want to be helped at some point? All parents need to let go to allow their children to determine their own forward path, but if children openly recognize the challenges that they face and if these same children then turned to their parents for needed assistance which parents would not want to help their own children?

So, this is the key. The greatest inhibiting factor that the GGLN faces right now is internal disagreement. If they were strongly united and wanted to help humanity in its hour of need against a very threatening and hostile set of aggressors, then they could do something with meaningful success.”-Dr. Brown  

The Activated Pineal Gland

Michael Salla posted this a few minutes ago. It’s helpful information but there is Universal Law over all of this that humans can evoke in their body and intentions that trumps the destructive actors; Free Will. But you will give it up by default if you don’t exercise it or believe in it.


We picked our destiny signature before we were born so once we know what’s going on with the signature we can keep an eye on synchronicity and transcend our Hidden Wisdom or Subconscious programming from our childhood. Let me know if you need me to work up a report for you. Just e-mail me at lisa.townsend76@yahoo.com. It’s very important.

“The opposing galactic forces—the Draconian Empire and the Orion Alliance—have a powerful hold over humanity through their respective minions and controlled assets, which allow these alien alliances to manipulate humanity’s destiny.”-Dr. Michael Salla

Really?? It depends on who you are.

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