An Astounding Video that I Found Two Years Ago and Have Watched Twenty Times and Continue to Meditate on it.-Ed Level Advanced

This process is programmed by the Tzolkin and our E.T. Ancestors; Same thing. I’m determined to figure out how the kinetocore works. I’ve figured out specific patterns in the Tzolkin and I Ching that illuminate this process. It will be in my book.

Please keep in mind that this is real intelligence programmed into us but also just developed through natural evolution, mostly. Artificial Intelligence has no DNA, no blood, and no QI so…what does it really have over us? It seems to me that if we were able to understand and harness this molecular process in our bodies we could just look at an A.I. and they would run from this planet.

Mind you, they ABANDONED this incredible natural process in deferment to nanites and nanotechnology. That occurred with the Reptilians and that’s why nanotechnology is on this planet.

Your body is not a machine. The White coats treat people like a car but we are SOULS

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