Sunset and Dusk

Just a quick tidbit on frequency change.

The daily themeplex changes frequency with the sun. It’s almost like a 4-arm sundial.

The theme and its analog take us through our sleep, the unconscious delta brain wave state. Tonight we sleep under the frequency of theme and analog. At twilight and then sunrise we begin our Guide power and alpha and beta brain waves start.

At high noon we could kick into theta brain waves depending on our values. The frequency of the antipode begins and we’re all working. The sun takes us to sunset and then dusk. The sun sets but it is still a bit light. That is dusk; a full thirty minutes past sunset and likely we are still ideally in theta brain waves. You can tell by how you feel. If you’re centered in your vortex you’re in theta. If you’re annoyed with co-workers, the public and your family you never left beta prison.

We can feel the frequency change once dusk is past, it’s fully dark and we’re moving toward midnight and into delta.

Note that the timing of dusk changes with the seasons. There is quite a bit of Tzolkonic geomancy that goes along with this. I’ll get more into it in future blogs.

The short of it is, our DNA can uplevel quicker if we are aware of these frequency changes with the change in the sunlight; the solar cycle. Couple that with water and muscle strengthening and the other frequency changes I suggested and we’re good to go with planetary changes in 13:20 frequency.

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