Interplanetary Holon IN the Body.

We’ve seen the Interplanetary Holon as the ten planets in our local solar system but not as our body or the twenty amino acids. I found this on my phone so I must have channeled it one morning very early and forgot about it. I looked at this and said, “Where did this come from?” I know I wrote it but…this is my life. Parts of my book are like that.

The holographic matrix is our body. Right side is CA (past to present) Left side is AC (future to present).

Remember, anatomically the body moves in a lemniscate pattern meaning left brain controls the right side of the body and right brain controls the left side of the body. They are same, theme and analog, left and right are unifed in our body. Note that the analog is right across from the theme. Check yours. For instance, Blue Night and Yellow Warrior are both sides of the neck.

0-9 is Galactic Karmic inbreath or CA, Past to Present. Female energy comes down the right side.

0=20 Yellow Sun/Stop Codon, right brain

1 Red Dragon/Cysteine, right eye

2 White Wind/Glycine, right, nose, cheek, tongue and mouth, chin

3 Blue Night/Alanine, right neck

4 Yellow Seed/Valine, right shoulder tissue above breast

5 Red Serpent/Serine, right breast/pec, lungs and heart, upper arm

6 White WB/Threonine, right side of thorax below breast and all of those organs down to navel

7 Blue Hand/Isoleucine, right forearm and hand

8 Yellow Star/Leucine, right glut, right sexual area and anus in back

9 Red Moon/Methionine, right thigh, leg and foot soft tissue

10-19 are Solar Prophetic Outbreath, AC, Future to Present. Male energy is received through the left foot and comes UP the left side.

10 White Dog/Aspartic Acid, left thigh, leg and foot soft tissue

11 Blue Monkey/Asparagine, left glut and left sexual area anterior and anus in back

12 Yellow Human/Glutamic Acid, left forearm and hand

13 Red Skywalker/Glutamine, left side of thorax below breast and all organs down to navel

14 White Wizard/Lysine, left breast/pec, lungs and heart, upper arm

15 Blue Eagle/ Arginine, left shoulder tissue above breast

16 Yellow Warrior/Histidine, left neck

17 Red Earth/Phenylalanine, left nose, cheek, tongue and mouth and chin

18 White Mirror/Tyrosine, left eye

19 Blue Storm/Tryptophan, left brain

I think I’m bringing this in because my bodywork in my office is supposed to up-level for the shift. This will be in the book also for others to use.

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