Watch “Huge Schumann Resonance Spike June 23rd 2021! Again!” on YouTube

Schumann Resonance is off the hook, off the charts lately. This guy sounds drunk when he talks but…hey, whatever. Lol

The vibes in the last three days are very different. I’m reading it as it rolls in.

I feel these resonance spikes are the separating of the timelines; 12:60 (we’re all going to die watch out for Star Wars) and 13:20 (We can help the earth with our focus and intent, to ascend happily and slowly so there is the least loss of life).

The FREQUENCY of the human collective of a particular regional area will determine how the earth shift shakes down for them. It won’t be the same OR RANDOM all over the planet.

So note that I’m not suggesting Ben was wrong on S.O. He’s correct for Mindset 12:60 who think cataclysm is inevitable and what humans deserve. Ok, whatever you say goes. We all decide our reality. No reality decides our fate and many don’t know that. You’re creating and spreading that frequency by focusing on it. I was by pondering it.

I’m not anymore. His confident, smart alpha male in-your-face tone about him drew me in until I stopped resonating with it. I and millions of others aren’t going anywhere. I have plenty yet to do on this planet. He’s helpong prep them and I’m going to continue on the 13,000 year timeline and hopefully so will you.

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