How to Choose the Multidimensional 13,000 Year Timeline

You have 12 energy bodies. The flesh is just one.

First of all, make sure you really want to be here and remain alive. Some who have been through major trauma and feel like others dominate them, like mates, parents, jobs, the military, and bossy E.T. ancestors…have a death wish.

What I would suggest is they actually have a self-empowerment wish but they’ve given so much over in their past that they’ve lost their inner compass just from habit.

I’ll be direct as usual. You have to let that shit go and rampage your passion and express it. Even if it comes out crazy and negative at first, view it as food poisoning. You have to throw up negative feelings and experiences about yourself and your time on earth.

We have great potential for good and creativity as a collective. Even J.C. said, “You will do greater things than me”. No one talks about that. It’s scary to rumble with God bc you’ll probably screw up. Then you are forgiven! Once you open your heart to love and LOVE YOURSELF as a child of God you can’t lose that love. This awareness can heal and align universal mistakes, and there have been a pile of universe actor mistakes that were supposed to be helping us.

Letting A.I. in to this dimension was a big one and the Reptilians are experiencing that karma now. They’re losing their souls and their species may end. They crave human DNA that is filled with Source, our Creator. It’s very sad and I wonder what can be done. They helped seed humans and their DNA is in us.

To align with the 13 timeline, RECEIVE into yourself all you need and crave but don’t believe you deserve or can have. This is the divine feminine energy that is in all humans. The receptive principle is female. The opposite is TAKING energy or vampiring out of lack. This energy tends to dominate the planet bc of the cabal. Well f… them. I’m sick of thinking and talking about a bunch of insane losers who don’t believe in anything but their own evil and how to get freaky with zombies.They need to leave this planet now with their B.S. and get some deep healing elsewhere.

We live in an abundant universe not a poor one. “ASK and you will receive.” Don’t ask and say, “No. this is stupid. I don’t feel that in my core nor do I believe it.” Then it won’t come to you bc you said so. Make up your mind!

Stop following 12:60 based mainstream media, science, politics, religion, crappy art that is dark and psychotic, portrays women as dark wiccans and men as fools. Sell stuff you don’t use or need or give it away. Get your house organized, make it beautiful to your taste.

We have to help and heal ourselves! This is our test now! We are the authority with God in us. Of course we have others for support but they’re not going to do it for us nor can they. We’re not helpless babies.

That’s just a start. I’ll stop there for today. Take charge of your time, your mind, your focus and your body or the dark actors who have a death wish will do it for you. It’s unnecessary.

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