Heads UP to My Followers

My psychic radar has been going off all day. There is something swelling up amongst humans, not the sun or the earth although the astrological alignments are all over the place. I added them to today’s post.

People are waking up to the truth of how victimised they’ve let themselves be and tomorrow something is going to start to blow loose. I can feel it. Plus it’s Red 7 Resonant Moon so it will swirl around and boomerang.

Please start tonight holding space for yourself and people all over the planet to trust themselves in PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY and not leaders, science, doctors, guru, military, E.T., what have you. Stay in the 13:20 coordinate. You know what it means: RECEIVE NURTURING ABUNDANCE FROM MOTHER SPIRIT to achieve balance gender.

It’s the loom of the 13 Moons in the Tzolkin for all people. The gap kin are a woven shawl in our DNA holding it together like a warm home with the primordial mother and family at the center here as we move into Cancer. It is fully in every man and woman’s body as wholeness. In every cell of our body. Meditate on receiving that warmth and love into your body as a child of the Universe; men and women.

There is no more obedience or authorities OVER us. We have our bodies and our intuition. GOD IS IN US; female and male. Let’s trust ourselves and each other. Be calm, breathe, drink water, keep the T.V. off and focus on your body.

Peace and love. Love yourself. I love you.


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