Essay; The Feminine Word Equivalent to the Masculine Word, “Emasculate”

I blogged this 6 years ago and it’s gotten ecactly 4477 hits. My views have changed a bit in 6 years although I’m not prepared to say how. The short of it is I prefer to be alone, and after watching humanity respond lockstep obediently to mainstream media on the scamdemic I’ve lost faith in humanity.

That said, my job is empowerment and I’ll keep speaking while it falls on deaf ears I guess.

Also, on this synchronicity blog, even though I’m lucky to get 5 likes from my core peeps who are awesome, 💜 I get 50-70 reads daily who would not admit to it.

It’s time for this conversation.  So the first emotional, resistant response from blogger “Anonymous”: on here was this; “Was hoping to find an answer to an interesting quirk of language, but instead found a rambling, borderline nonsensical Feminist rant about gender roles. I’ll do you a favor; TL; Dr. Is there a female equivalent to […]

Essay; The Feminine Word Equivalent to the Masculine Word, “Emasculate”

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