Daily Reading June 19.2021

I Empower in order to Know. Commanding Healing I seal the store of accomplishment with the overtone tone of Radiance. I am guided by the power of Vision.
  • Theme is 5Isoleucine or Blue 5 Overtone Hand; Empowering knowledge coming in.
  • Analog is 5Glutamic Acid or Yellow 5 Overtone Human; Radiant Free Will becoming evident in the face of all these f……g mandates and cataclysmic predictions as though the human collective has no right to a choice about our own fate, bodies and destiny. I’m here to run it ragged that WE DO and it’s up to us to speak up and act up. We have E.T. ancestor support to do what’s best for us and the collective.
  • Guide Power is 5Arginine or Blue 5 Overtone Eagle. This is radiant, empowering vision coming from the open pineal gland. Meditate fellow kin and bring it in. Don’t doubt what you see.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 5Phenylalanine or Red 5 Overtone Earth; Perception of radiant synchronicity which may put a wrench in your 3D plans, fortunately.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 9Lysine or White 9 Solar Wizard/Jaguar. This is some very specific information coming through the sun today about telepathy and being receptive to Spirit Guidance
  • 5GForce is 9Glutamine or Red 9 Solar Skywalker. SW is supporting White Wizard today in fifth density to help people get moving on making a choice.

I’m all over that mantra today. Again, I wrote all of this before I read the mantra. I am commanding healing. I’m not asking, I’m commanding that the human species does have the right and the power to be their own radiant healers.

I’m going to start posting two choices of TIMELINE that we can each choose. Because WE are time, our DNA IS time, we can control our perception of time and set our MINDSET which will then decide which timeline resonates with our soul. None of this is set in stone, pun intended. (geology/rocks)

There is C.A., civilizational advance or past to present. We each control our own reality in an inter-frequential, multidimensional universe. The presence and perception of our E.T. friends proves it.

There is also the AC timeline, aboriginal continuity, or future to present, radial and eternal which I, other Tzolkinists, creative seekers, shaman, spiritual kin, artists, E.T. ancestors community, contactees and Sacred Heart of Christ Alliance and all friendly alliances for peace follow. It is a 13,000 year, vigesimal, exponential timeline. It’s Source is galactic center, not NASA. It allows 65, 13,000 year cycles before earth changes and it’s done peacefully and gradually with a 13:20 coordinate. 65 is in Synchronicity with the Tzolkin harmonics and all of it’s math.

Many of us are prescient and have wakeful dreaming or trance state where we can see the future we are creating although it is in flux. It is not as rigid as the past. Can we change the past? Maybe, but most think not, thus the utter conviction THAT IT MUST REPEAT ITSELF and this perception of time in this dimension as truth in all of its cataclysm and chaos.

3D clenching has the adherents stuck in mindset that feeds the monster ego that has to be better and right probably due to gender inequity where a woman dominates. They have to fight that don’t they. I was raised in that religious mindset where a woman dominates and I’ve rejected it. It causes desperate patriarchy; male panic and drama. It’s a mindset of poverty that waits for the next shoe to drop and thus creates it. We’re supposed to be equally powered as humans and it starts with gender.

Above is Ben’s very accurate, cataclysmic, preparing for disaster timeline that is oh so familiar and adhered to on this planet by those that only have eyes for 3 dimensions. It’s their reality and I don’t begrudge them their reality at all. But I’ll be damned if I allow them to begrudge me and millions of other lightworkers our reality where things don’t need to unfold in chaos and millions die because our collective minds live in a dynamic of so many choices that include order and love in a new future for humans with the support of the Universe.

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