Daily Reading; Jun.18.2021

Geomancy cycles are based on 13, 130, 1300, 13,000 x 2 = 26,000 then 52, then x 20, 52,000 × 20 = 1,040,000 is the vigesimal, exponential cycle of Tzolkonic events and their records are in 3D as well, in stone and pyramids just like our earth scientists who’ve been tracking for 300 years. Time is compressed onto a flat circle for them. Geomancy means divine earth, the Spirit of GAIA and the Psi Bank or earth’s brain or mental field. Science doesn’t acknowledge any of that.

They’ve been tracking with reductionist 3D glasses on in a restricted paradigm controlled by the D.S. Do we want a disaster of cataclysmic proportions just so it fits our data? I don’t.

Who hopes it’s a 13,000 year cycle so we can avoid major death and destruction which gives the kids more time to mature? They don’t deserve to be slapped around by the planet but I think many think they do. That’s self-hatred being projected. The Deep State are the ones that need to be run off the planet, not us. And why don’t we run them off instead of expecting GAIA to do it? Let’s use our collective minds and monetary boycotts. Stop giving their institutions the money they love; “Time is Money”. Time is not money but freedom, free will and creativity in community, crystal tone 12.

So who are all these boys crying wolf working for? Are they altruistic or based in ego? Are they innocently in error just following incorrect daddy; NASA and the military? Or are we going to let them be right with their 12,000 year cycles, Star Wars, and Deep State science? I’m on the fence now.

Where are the strong women’s voices in this movement? Not the smiley ones in cut off tshirts? Where are the alpha female nerds who love EQUALITY in gender power, not domineering women or dominant men? We all know that’s not going to go over well. Even in the spiritual nerd movement the men need to be dominant. You can see it all over the place.

The mediating planet today is MARS

I define in order to Equalize. Measuring Opportunity I seal the store of death with the self-existing tone of Form. I am guided by the power of Spirit.
  • Theme today is 4threonine or White 4 World Bridger (follower Melissa Simpson). This is organized and equal transformation and very multidimensional in awareness even though it’s tone 4. That’s the thing. Tone 4 dominates the form of the planet and our bodies but it INLUDES everything. It’s not limited.
  • Analog is 4glutamine or the ever questionable Red 4 Self-existing Skywalker. Skywalker are by nature very community focused so that tone 4 became troublesome. There is a form to their exploration as a time and space traveler. It’s not random and they are called to be socially principled when in the light, not shadow.
  • Guide Power is 4glycine or White 4 Self-existing Wind. This is a powerful spiritual influence.
  • Antipode is 4histidine or Yellow 4 Self-Existing Warrior. Pragmatic intelligence.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 10arginine or Blue 10 Planetary Vision. This is acute intelligent and mental vision.
  • 5GForce is 10Lysine or White 10 Planetary Wizard. Earth shamans and spirit helpers are all around. You just need to be receptive to it.

Now that I really look at that mantra for the day, that’s why I got on my little gender rant above. LOL. You have to admit we DO need more equal sharing of power between women and men. It’s better for everyone. Yet the men are on top of all the institutions and in media for the most part.

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