The Color Root Families or Tribes on Earth. Which Family are You In? If You don’t know, ask me.

Red Family of the Red Roots

  • Red Dragon-Cysteine-Neptune/Pisces
  • Red Serpent-Serine-Maldek/Mars/Aries
  • Red Moon-Methionine-Mercury/Gemini/The Moon/Cancer
  • Red Skywalker-Glutamine-Mars/Aries
  • Red Earth-Phenylalanine-Uranus/Aquarius

These amino acids are Initiators and birthed the human race on earth. We are also guardians and parental to humans

White Family of the White Roots

  • White Wind-Glycine-Uranus/Aquarius
  • White World-Bridger-Threonine-Mars/Aries
  • White Dog-Aspartic Acid-Mercury/Gemini
  • White Wizard-Lysine-Maldek/Mars/Aries
  • White Mirror-Tyrosine-Neptune/Pisces

These amino acids are Refiners. They brought Spirit into the human species and tend to be teachers to humans

Blue Family of the Blue Roots

  • Blue Night-Alanine-Saturn/Capricorn
  • Blue Hand-Isoleucine-Earth/Taurus
  • Blue Monkey-Asparagine-Venus/Libra
  • Blue Eagle-Arginine-Jupiter/Sagittarius
  • Blue Storm-Tryptophan-Pluto/Scorpio

These amino acids are Transformers and brought abundance into the human species. They tend to be performers, leaders, visionaries and artists.

Yellow Family of the Yellow Roots

  • Yellow Seed-Valine-Jupiter/Sagittarius
  • Yellow Star-Leucine-Venus/Libra
  • Yellow Human-Glutamic Acid-Earth/Taurus
  • Yellow Warrior-Histidine-Saturn/Capricorn
  • Yellow Sun-The Start Codon in the DNA sequence-The Sun/Leo and Pluto/Scorpio

These amino acid are Ripeners and brought flowering the the human species. They tend to be humanitarians, artists, hopeful and bringers of Light to a dark world.

Red Serpent and White Wizard/Jaguar are a bit lost because their planet was blown up; Tiamat and also part of Maldek which then became Mars. Red Skywalker and White Worldbridger mediated by Mars, helped everyone escape to earth so actually Maldek was originally their planet. Maldek IS Mars and was Tiamat’s moon. It’s a big mess and the reason Mars is still a mess today. Tiamat’s demise created immense trauma and karma for our solar system. I feel this accounts for the prominence or Serpent and Jaguar images in Guatamala.

Maldek/Mars still holds all of that memory next to the asteroid belt which is held in place by Tiamat’s Dream Spell.

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