Is the Timing on This Whole Paradigm Shift Correct?

The Haab Cycle and the Tzolkin Cycle. The haab is a 365-day cycle similar to our solar year. It consists of 18 months of 20 days each, with a 5-day “short month” at the end, to total the 365 days of the solar cycle.

I try to cooperate and keep an open mind with these scientists bent on using a 12,000 year cycle because indeed, our 13:20 does SPROCKET with the 12:60 because we are learning in this third dimension (dimensions 1, 2, and 3 which are ever so apparent to our physical eyes). Nevertheless, even the physicists know we live in UNIFIED MULTIDIMENSIONAL SPACE of changes in frequency.

For instance, as you sit here reading this, can you feel that on some level you exist in multiple dimensions? How does it manifest for you? I think it does not manifest for most people and that’s a problem in the face of a pole shift.

This link is from who I don’t tend to agree with. Nevertheless, I wanted you to see a different perspective on the Tzolkin.

“The prophetic calendars of the Maya are based on non-physical cycles. They are non-astronomical cycles based on the inherent creative energies of time itself.

The Dream spell/Thirteen Moon calendar is instead built around the particular astronomical cycle of our planet around the sun of 365.25 (at the current time 365.2422) days. The traditional Mayan calendar system is valid for the whole universe and goes back to the so-called Big Bang about 15 billion years ago when the universe was born and no solar systems with their particular cycles even existed. This is according to modern physicists and the Mayan calendar alike. Since the Traditional Mayan calendar is not limited to our own planet or solar system it is not subordinated to its particular astronomical cycles, such as the solar year. It reflects a cosmic process of creation, where our own particular solar system is just a small part. In fact, the Traditional Mayan calendar system would be equally valid on Mars or Venus or any other planet in the cosmos as it is on earth, despite the fact that the periods of revolution of these planets would be very different from ours. In this, it differs from all other calendars in the world that are geocentric and based on the parameters of our own particular planet.”

I feel the coordination of the Dream spell Tzolkin with our local system is very helpful and necessary right now. Especially now since the E.T. issue and DNA are coming forward. It matters a great deal what happened in our local system and what is currently happening.

I also disagree about the Big Bang Theory. I believe many scientists no long support that theory. It’s being questioned for sure. Date on this is 2020.

My intuition about a Universal Tzolkin Harmonic is that like so many things, it’s likely the same software but spoken in a different language through that system’s star. Our Tzolkin information comes from Galactic Center through OUR STAR via the Psi Bank or Van Allen belts. Every system has a different star and I don’t have any specific information on that. The other thing to keep in mind here are the timelines; jumping them and being on them. Timeline jumping is verified by science. When the E.T. visit here they have to jump timelines via the cosmic web. Once we have this specific info. we’ll have to take another look at our Tzolk’in or Count of days. Time is different in different parts of the Universe but we need to honor ours. It helps keep our bodies aligned with our minds and move things gradually. My intuition strongly says that the particular flow of time in a star system has everything to do with the consiousness of the life forms in that system.

I do agree that there IS some type of Universal Time Harmonic that is capable of UNIFYING the LOCAL UNIVERSE. I’m all over that. But we still need to get EARTH UNIFIED with humans and our E.T. ancestors first. I’m sure they can be of great help once we’re communicating directly with one another.

Calleman also cites the fact that the Traditional Mayan calendar functions in uninterrupted cosmic cycles. This is a great planet and quite popular I hear for species from all over the local universe. But this is OUR planet and it’s time for humans to take charge is the word on the street. Our earth time has been interrupted and the Dream-spell accounts for it, especially the Time Thieves from Jupiter and Saturn denigrating the human body, trying to hijack women’s sense of time by shaming the female power all via the Catholic Church. That tied in with the slave trade and earth becoming a prison planet which put us in quarantine. We are no longer in quarantine. Our money system needs to be freed up. There is plenty of work to do.

The Maya hail from VENUS and that is in our local system! They are closely related to us as all of the beings from our ten planets are; but we don’t know all of them yet or how they live or what their bodies are like. There is a big difference between 12,000 years and 13, 000 years which is the Mayan cycle.

I wouldn’t mind all the tech going down, Mars being cleaned up, ending the Galactic Slave trade, and full disclosure. But why does the Earth have to do a full tilt at the same time? Humans have been at the butt end of SO many universal actor mistakes. Stop hating on the humans and humans stop hating on yourselves. We have to clean up our act and then wake-up slowly, not be wiped out!

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