Edgar Cayce Map of the World after the first phase of the Shift. USA.jpg (643×382)

You might want to take a look at this and see how your area fares. Edgar Cayce has a high accuracy rate. He was The Sleeping Prophet. He would lay on the couch and go into a trance state via his pineal gland and get detailed information.

It happens to me mostly when I’m working doing Reiki. The rest of the time I moderate it so I go through my day somewhat normally. In other words, I shut it off at will.

Michigan looks like it will be almost completely flooded, nor do I want to live on an island. It makes sense with the arctic melting that the lower states will flood. Chicago will be gone.

I will likely move in the next couple of years and go back to my home area of NW Illinois. It looks clear. We’ll see where I’m I’m directed.

Here is the map.


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