Earth’s Last Magnetic-Pole Flip Took Much Longer Than We Thought | Space

I just did some math on this. 780,000 ÷ 12,000 = 65. Divided by 13,000 it’s 60. It says in the article that 780,000 years ago was the last pole shift. 65 is far more synchronous with the Tzolkin than 60 so it makes sense that they see it happening at the 12,000 year mark, meaning right now.

But in the universal cycle, 780,000 also being divisible evenly by 13,000, 60 gives us 5 more cycles before it’s in synchronicity. 10,000 ÷ 5 = 2000 divisible by 20.

It depends on which timeline the majority of the planet wish to experience; a version of the past or bringing the future into the present?

When Jordan Sather said we all need to learn to have zero tech, hunt and grow our food I said, “No way humanity wants to go back in time to the past.” My soul jumped when he proposed the past is better than the future and that’s where we are headed.

No we’re not. If we got full disclosure now, the poles would not have to shift yet. Most of us want the future to come forward now not dominated by A.I. though! That’s the issue. We need balance on this.

We need the extra 10,000 years to create gender balance, change the money, deal with solid waste and zero point energy, do disclosure, and cling ro real intelligence in our bodies.

Something to consider. The boys who cried wolf?

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