Watch “Strongest Nova, Coronal Hole Impact, RNA 2 DNA | S0 News Jun.16.2021” on YouTube

Synchronicity; Ben talks about the discovery that human cells can write RNA sequences into DNA. Hmmm….it’s never been any different except they used to call it junk DNA. RNA is not DNA. They are very different. RNA is not rigid and keeps mutating according to the host’s frequency signature. Everyone has a different frequency signature. So the RNA vaccine isn’t mutating to any virus necessarily. It’s too slippery. And it’s a crap shoot as to what they programmed the RNA to hook on to in your body. Probably the DNA that makes you obedient, placid, passive, and tired so they can keep programming you when you decide to turn on CNN and believe the reports.

So, maybe RNA is no longer junk? Or they just decided to change the narrative because they are doing genetic experiments again on us with the mutating RNA vaccine. I’m not getting it and neither are millions of others. I had CV2 and have the superior antibodies that are from ME, not them.

These energies are progressive and blend into each other from midnight to dusk as we go through the day. They don’t go away, they increase as 3D time goes on.

  • Theme last night at midnight is 2Valine or Yellow 2 Polar Seed. Stabilizing awareness and focus in the larger society.
  • Analog last night at midnight is 2Arginine or Blue 2 Polar Eagle. Challenging VISION to receive empowerment while being logical
  • Guide Power this morning is 2Histidine or Yellow 2 Polar Warrior. Realistic intelligence that is a receptive transmitter
  • Antipode this afternoon is 2Lysine or White 2 Polar Wizard. Polarizing sense of timelessness and psychic alignment with divine will. Many people don’t believe in Source.
  • Hidden Wisdom tonight at dusk is 12Phenylalanine or Red 12 Crystal Earth. Universalizing and cooperative synchronicity with those in affinity. They will be able to collect synergy as long as they are awake.
  • 5GForce from 5th Density is 12Histidine or Yellow 12 Crystal Warrior, same archetype as the Guide Power. Synchronicity as that adds us to 14 or occult Yellow Warrior intelligent wisdom for the day. Hopefully this means people are waking up.
I polarize in order to target. Stabilizing awareness I seal the input of flowering with the polar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of intelligence. I am a galactic activation portal.

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