What Does This Have to Do With Our DNA?

Who We Are, Our True Ancestry and the Power Inherent in our BODIES and MINDS Also Needs to be Disclosed. Our Sick-Care System is A Major Arm of the Deep State.

I’m going to be honest. I had a strong, visceral response to the Reptilians and the Greys. I feel like I know the Reptilians and what they are about, likely due to being a Skywalker and the karma with Maldek. I’m turned off by politics now due to past lives, I feel, working on treaties just to see recklessness and error take hold. Frankly, humans are not the ones that have made most of the mistakes which is why I have no desire to meet any E.T. really. I have unending compassion for humans that have suffered due to the mistakes of our E.T. ancestors. They are not a threat but they are not necessarily smarter than us. Just sayin’.

Remember, the Red Archetypes are all related and I lived with a man who was Red Serpent. He was a brilliant and kind Reptilian type-very strong, very confident. Awesome person. I would not hesitate to do anything diplomatic with a Reptilian being. I’m not afraid of them or the Draco. But the Greys…no way. They’re not even human and have no feelings. Very creepy.

I will do a post of the Tzolkin Color Families (Red, White, Blue and Yellow) and which E.T. they may be related to.

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