Daily Reading’ Jun.15.2021

The mediating planet today astronomically is Saturn which is in tense aspect to Mars. That is in synchronicity with the antipode archetype today which is Red 1 Magnetic Skywalker mediated by Mars.

I Unify in order to Dream. Attracting Intuition I seal the input of Abundance with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled.
  • Theme is 1Alanine or Blue 1 Magnetic Night. Unification of our Intuition or Higher Mind with our Subconscious Mind. Today, that is merging the G.P. which is Blue 1 Night, with the Hidden Wisdom which is White 13 Mirror or Cosmic Truth or Reflection.
  • Analog is 1Histidine which is Yellow 1 Magnetic Warrior. Unification of fearlessness and questioning using your critical thinking not just holding onto beliefs that make you feel comfortable.
  • Guide Power this morning is itself
  • Antipode is 1Glutamine or Red 1 Magnetic Skywalker. Unification of Wakefulness and a desire to explore
  • Hidden Wisdom is 13Tyrosine or White 13 Cosmic Mirror. Enduring Endlessness and Order in the Universe
  • 5GForce is 13phenylalanine or Red 13 Cosmic Earth which was the Analog yesterday. Cosmic synchronicity and navigation.

The 5GForce today is my Guide Power. I think the best way to navigate on earth is to remain calm which is always mistaken for passivity by people who make assumptions instead of being observant and using critical thinking. Meditation, working out and following this blog are helpful.

I’m all about Cosmic Synchronicity (Red 13 Earth) which is understanding that what we perceive as one 3rd dimension are ALL of the dimensions unified. Physics teaches that as well but your mind needs to feel and perceive it.

When you observe synchronicity everyday your amnesia drops and you start to wake up to the dream we live in and that you are creating. It’s like Groundhog Day unless you are awake. Everyday is different and too stimulating for me unless I turn my etheric radar off. Tuning into the earth and my feet keeps this 13 Skywalker grounded otherwise it gets Mary Poppins. Lol.

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