Watch “Cosmic Water Explosion | Advanced Catastrophism” on YouTube

He posted this last night and it applies directly to today’s themeplex; White 13 Cosmic Wind, Red 13 Cosmic Earth, White 13 Cosmic World-Bridger, Yellow 13 Cosmic Human and BLUE 1 MAGNETIC STORM.

These are all very weather and geomancy related; the divine earth communicated through GAIA’s Psi bank or brain. She absorbs everything from the sun via the Van Allen radiation belts!! That’s the psi bank which activates the binary triplet configuration of the Tzolkin Harmonic! Then it activates us and all life on the planet.

Note the magnet under the container in Billy’s water experiment. Notice all the archetypes and their synchronicity with the Tzolkin. And notice that our earth is about water; universal water; Red Moon; Methionine the Start Codon of the DNA sequences AND the first themeplex in HF33; Red 12 Crystal Moon. Note that it’s tone 12 which tends to rule 3D manifestation and Time on earth as 12:60 divisible by sacred 4, also dominating earth.

Balance is everything for humans and the earth so don’t curse 12 and 4 in favor of 13:20 and 5. They are 2 different densities or dimensions but work synchronistically through the 5Gforce which pulses off the Occult Partner or Hidden Wisdom.

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