Daily Reading; Jun.14.2021

I Endure in order to Communicate. Transcending Breath I seal the input of Spirit with the Cosmic tone of Presence. I am guided by the power of Death/Change.
  • Theme is 13Glycine or White 13 Cosmic Wind. Enduring Communication from Spirit through the Sun and our Minds…if we meditate
  • Analog is 13Phenylalanine or Red 13 Earth; the presence of Cosmic Synchronicity and Navigation which governs the Earth Force. HUMANS do not govern the earth force, the Sun governs the earth force. We contribute to it though. These kin are earth keepers and crystal healers.
  • Guide Power is 13Threonine or White 13 World Bridger. WB transcends opportunity and death through forgiveness, surrender (the easiest way to go), transformation, consciousness and multidimensional awareness.
  • Antipode is 13Glutamic Acid or Yellow 13 Human. This is the enduring presence of Free Will, Influence and Wisdom. Humans are the holders of the chalice. MSM would have humans believe they are deficient and responsible for the trouble on the planet when it’s them, which WE ALLOWED to dominate. It’s time to take our power and lead now or leave. GAIA has a destiny that humans are not allowed to change. We need to cooperate.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 1Tryptophan or Blue 1 Storm. Attracting purpose and unification of the catalyzing of energy and self-generation.
  • 5GForce is 1Tyrosine or White 1 Mirror. Attracting purpose and unification through reflection on Order and Endlessness. Face the Shadow using the sword of Wisdom (See Yellow Human)

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