Watch “Penetrating Electric Fields, Asteroid Psyche-out, Data Down- No Problem | S0 News Jun.13.2021” on YouTube

  • Theme. Today is 12Cysteine which is Red 12 Crystal Dragon mediated by Neptune. There is a Sun-Neptune square so watch for a tendency to trick yourself into believing something that’s not very realistic. Hold back on complicated decision-making, if possible, since judgment is cloudy right now.
  • Analog is 12Tyrosine or White 12 Crystal Mirror. This transit challenges us to consider our spiritual needs, which might conflict with our plans and goals, or we may need to confront the areas of our lives where reality isn’t measuring up to our ideals. We need to look more deeply into the mirror and accept our values. How can we manifest them for ourselves. Boundaries with others are coming forward.
  • Guide Power is 12Glutamine or Red 12 Crystal Skywalker. Until we find ways to incorporate imagination and spirit into our lives, there can be problems feeling inspired or motivated to move within a group or community.
  • Antipode is 12Asparagine or Blue 12 Crystal Monkey. It can be a time of increased spiritual awareness, vision, and inspiration, although we might first struggle with this. There may be detours or distractions to deal with now.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 2StopCodon or Yellow 2 Polar Sun. This is the other half of the Sun-Neptune square that is pushing us to unify our conviction and truths by showing us the polarization. This influence takes away our sense of certainty, and we can either go with that flow or resist it and feel a little lost and without direction temporarily.
  • 5gforce is 2Tryptophan or Blue 2 Polar Storm. Note that the Hidden Wisdom and this 5GForce are ANALOG. That means the subconscious issues are strongly being pushed forward by non-manifested Fifth Density energy. Along with the Sun-Neptune square our illusions, delusions, and distortions are being crashed.
I dedicate in order to Nurture. Universalizing Being I seal the input of Birth with the crystal tone of Cooperation. I am guided by the power of Space.

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