Watch “The Termination Event, Data Down, Weirdest News Day | S0 News Jun.12.2021” on YouTube

The shutdown of NASA could be due to what Michael Salla just reported from Elena Denaan regarding Antarctica. The Germans control as a Dark Fleet down there but are leaving for Argentina. The Reptilians are leaving too through the Time Portal in the South Polar Zone. Blue Storm, the analog today is located in Antarctica. If you want to see some Reptilians, go to 60°S–75°E on the planet using remote viewing.

Ross Island McMurdo Station, located at 77°S–166° E, is the largest Antarctic stationMcMurdo is built on the bare volcanic rock of Hut Point Peninsula on Ross Island, the solid ground farthest south that is accessible by ship. This is located WITHIN to Tzolkin Time Portal called Blue Storm (today), a Gateway Kin whose job is to be Rooted on the planet and to transmit.

Please listen to this!!

SPECTRAL TONE 11 is about releasing, liberation and dissolving. The termination event is about Mars, not Earth. Nothing is being terminated on earth right now except B.S. The Deep State and Cabal are fighting for their survival which isn’t worth much on this planet. They need to be deeply rehabilitated elsewhere if that’s even possible.

I will get the rest of the post up in a bit. None of this is surprising since it is Yellow 11 Spectral Sun.

  • THEME is 11StopCodon. Very Significant since we’re also in this 11:11 cycle. It’s Yellow 11 Spectral Sun and all about what I said above. We’re ending this particular DNA experiment cycle in our local solar system. Humans are supposed to taking authority over Earth now and that has definitely not been the case. The climate changes on Earth are due to OUR SUN, not human activity.
  • Analog is 11Tryptophan which is Blue 11 Storm. There are many kinds of storms in astronomy and we are experiencing many of them now on all levels.
  • Guide Power this morning is itself. Double Pulse of the Liberating SUN.
  • Antipode this afternoon, thank God, is 11AsparticAcid or White 11 Spectral Dog. Our hearts and minds and fellow humans have been liberated on Mars, according the Elena Denaan. Our guardians have succeeded. This is Christ Consciousness manifested. Love literally destroys evil.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 3Cysteine or Red Electric Dragon. Well, this could easily be referring to factions of the Draco and Serpent tribes who are mostly nanites now. They have sold their souls to A.I. and are reaping their Karma. We may want to take a lesson from that and absolutely ban A.I. from our lives and this planet. It’s all over the freaking MSM still trying to sell us that garbage. I may throw y android in the the lake.
  • The 5GFORCE is 3StopCodon or Yellow 3 Sun. Very interesting. The Electric Sun and the Electric Dragon are one today.

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