Daily Reading Jun.11.2021

Today is Tone 10, a very misunderstood tone as it’s about the meaning of the word Perfect and the word Manifestation. By what standard are we assessing both of those?

I Perfect in order to Catalyze. Producing Energy I seal the matrix of Self-Generation with the Planetary tone of Manifestation. I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.
  • Theme is 10Tryptophan or Blue 10 Planetary Storm. Watch for thunder storms today.
  • Analog is 10Stop Codon or Yellow 10 Planetary Sun. This a quiet upload of info. from Earth to galactic center.
  • Guide Power this morning is 10Isoleucine or Blue 10 Hand. Mars enters Leo today so this energy supports us to feel confident and proud about what we know and have accomplished. If noone is tooting your horn and you really deserve it, toot it yourself by simply stating facts as opposed to crowing. This aspect will crow for you. Are we in competition on this planet? Yes we are and the one who is the most correct and EMPOWERING should be getting the attention. It’s not that validation from humans is worth much. It’s not. It’s that getting it right is worth alot for everyone. That is being of service on the planet. Think about how many people get attention whose behavior or work is incorrect. They get it because the great ones are socually shamed FOR EXCELLING even though it’s not about ego. It’s no help to others if the info. is incorrect or evil. Step up!
  • Antipode is 10Methionone; the start codon opposite the stop codon. That speaks to the start of a new mindset which I just wrote above and positive, universal feeling needs to purify the energy. It’s not just for you it’s for eberyone. We need to share our gifts now.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 4Glycine or White 4 Self-Existing Wind. That goes right along with the self-generation of Blue Storm. Storm, wind, sun, water! Completely synchronous. It not only churns up the earth but us as well.
  • 5Gforce is 4Cysteine or Red 4 Dragon; passion and survival

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