Oracle Reading; Jun.9.2021

Tomorrow is a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini. With Mercury retrograde, nothing is rushing forward. Take it easy. Also the Schumann Resonance is very high so physically we may be dragging, have a headache and low energy. Our DNA is evolving at a different rate because of the changes in the sun. Our earth is changing quickly too as you can see by the weather around the world. They may not be reporting it in MSM. I don’t know. China Three Gorges Dam is waning and China is being flooded.

I Harmonize in order to Evolve. Modeling synchronicity I seal the matrix of navigation with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of Birth.
  • Theme today is 8Phenylalanine or Red 8 Earth; Modeling Integrity and navigation. We’re collecting synergy
  • Analog is 8Glycine or White 8 Wind; Harmonizing our communication within and without
  • Guide Power is 8Cysteine or Red 8 Dragon; Harmonizing our Being, our subconscious mind from our Mother with the conscious Mind of OUR SOUL which we choose
  • Antipode is 8Isoleucine or Blue 8 Hand; Our challenge is to harmonize our career and accomplishments with our healing journey
  • Hidden Wisdom is 6Valine or Yellow 6 Rhythmic Seed. This is anchoring is to the S. Polar Zone again. It’s grounding in our bodies. We can just pulse on balancing our focus between timelines; past and present. Nothing is resolved right away.
  • 5GForce is 6Alanine or Blue 6 Night. We have support from Fifth Density, possible the Anshar to meditate or channel deeply the mystery of our ancestors.
The Binary Triplet Configuration of the Planet and our Body

This is eight, 64 I Ching Kua, but 65 Tzolkin Harmonics in mirror reflection to one another. You could overlay this over a globe and it would show precise pulse points for the binary triplet configuration. The binary system is vertical and the triplet system is horizonal. I noted the Zones and the equator on this image

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