Daily Oracle Reading-Jun.8.2021

The Schumann Resonance is WAY off the charts today so drink more water than usual, lay off alcohol and sugar and don’t expect to have a lot of energy.

  • Theme is 7Histidine or Yellow 7 Resonant Warrior. Resonant or reciprocating intelligence and energy
  • Analog is 7Alanine or Blue 7 Night. Attunement to INTUITION
  • Guide Power is 7Leucine or Yellow 7 Star. Channeling playful, intelligent expansion
  • Antipode is 7Threonine or White 7 World Bridger. Inspiring equalization and opportunity
  • Hidden Wisdom is 7Serine or Red 7 Serpent. Attuning to survival instinct, extremist, and creative
  • 5GForce is 7Valine of Yellow 7 Seed. Targeting DNA evolution
I Channel in order to Question. Inspiring Fearlessness I seal the output of Intelligence with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of elegance. I am a galactic activation portal. Enter Me.

Today we enter the South Polar Zone on the planet as far as DNA evolution. This is seen in the 5GForce kin, Yellow Seed which is a Gateway Kin. It’s job it to TRANSMIT cosmic energies through fifth density, from Galactic Center, through the Sun, to Earth. It’s time portal is 60 degrees south—165 degrees east in the South Pacific south of Australia. This energy pulses to THE ROOT CHAKRA, chakra 1 in the human body. Whatever the earth is doing will be reflected in our bodies.

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