Geomancy is the Art of Earth Divination

Divination’s root word is divine.

Oracles are devices of divination whose wisdom comes through intuition or the higher mind in addition to mathematic elements and patterns.

Synchronicity comes from divination and in the last fifty years has been shown to work from precise patterns which can be observed in the oracles; the Mayan Tzolkin and the IChing. Thus, the oracles can be called pseudoscience in that they are not reductionist but emergent. It’s better the emerge from a seed pod than to be reduced to dust.

Modern science is reductionist; a person who analyzes and describes a complex phenomenon in terms of its simple or fundamental constituents. I’m not being derogatory. I use science in my own work. I’m saying it has its limits such as a context of 3 and 4D or spacetime. I’m a fan of 3-4D. I love my earth life and my body. But human perception and the mind are capable of multidimensional perception and we’re not supposed to know that by the values of the reductionist.

Oracles are emergent just as DNA and the human species are emergent in the context of evolution. Evolution invokes time and time is something science has been able to observe rationally through archeology, geography, geology and others. There is nothing like a million year old rock to tell the truth about time or ancient builder race monuments left on other planets standing right in front of us.

Unfortunately, science up to the present time has been politically and profit motivated so if what they find doesn’t fit into their narrative they throw it away, lie, or keep it secret underground. The story goes, they’re protecting the children on the surface so we don’t panic. Spare us that help.

The earth’s evolution is directly tied to our evolution and all life on it. We are absolutely dependent on earth’s air, water, soil, food and our sun. So observation of earth, sun and solar system are eminently worthwhile and speak directly to the changes in our DNA.

I just wanted to make the bridge apparent on this blog since I am no longer just talking about human DNA in the context of the Dreamspell. It still has those elements but I’m going beyond that. We don’t live in a bubble but are interactive with all life on the planet and in our universe.

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