Geomancy 101; The Tzolkin Planet Holon

This is from The Dreamspell.

“The planet holon is a icosahedron (120 sides). It is a radial galactic fifth force “radio” station. The broadcast lattice of the Time ship is maintained by cooperation of the fourth-dimensional planetary kin which is US. We’re not here just to WATCH it unfold. The polar kin generate from the north pole; the cardinal kin transmit from median north; the core kin energize from the equator; the signal kin protect from median south and the gateway kin climax at the south pole.

Galactic transmissions from higher dimension are transduced for use in the third dimension. The movement of the thirteen tones may now pass through the planet holon, charging it with the power of galactic time. it is now possible to map the 260 kin galactic spin on a daily basis rather than just the 365 day solar year. The two interlock and both function.” End quote

It stands to reason, since the Mayan Archetypes are Time Portals in the cosmic web that the amino acids or DNA that they represent are Time Travelers. Therefore, humans made of DNA are Time travelers. DNA is Time. It can be no other way. That’s how travel in the cosmic web works. Since the cosmic web is multidimensional, we must be too. People and E.T.’s have been travelling in the cosmic web for a long time. It’s nothing new. It’s just been a secret until the whistleblowers came forward and started blowing loudly. The mainstream media has done their best to discredit and drown them out. The Deep State, the Cabal, Big Tech, Big Media all bow to the Reptilian agenda. The Reptilians are not even fully human. Their genetics has been very manipulated by A.I. as Corey says in the video.

The Planet Holon


  • 60°north–15 °west–Yellow Sun Time Portal
  • 60°north–75°east–Red Serpent Time Portal
  • 60°north–165°east–White Dog Time Portal
  • 60°north–105°west–Blue Eagle Time Portal


  • 30°north–30°east–Red Dragon Time Portal
  • 30°north–120°east–White World Bridger Time Portal
  • 30°north–150°west–Blue Monkey Time Portal
  • 30°north–60°west–Yellow Warrior Time Portal


  • Equator–15°west–Red Earth Time Portal
  • Equator–75°east–White Wind Time Portal
  • Equator–165°east–Blue Hand Time Portal
  • Equator–105°west–Yellow Human Time Portal


  • 30°south–30°east–White Mirror Time Portal
  • 30°south–120°east–Blue Night Time Portal
  • 30°south–150°west–Yellow Star Time Portal
  • 30°south–60°west–Red Skywalker Time Portal


  • 60° south–15° west–White Wizard Time Portal
  • 60°south–75°east–Blue Storm Time Portal
  • 60°south–165°east–Yellow Seed Time Portal
  • 60°south–105°west–Red Moon Time Portal

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