Daily Oracle; Jun.5.2021

Self-existing tone kin can become quite selfish if they are in Shadow. This is a gateway I have not personally made peace with at all. These kin keep coming into my current life and being very negative and critical, even if they are strangers. When I find out they are Red 4 Skywalker by dialing them up, I realize it’s my unresolved karma from the Tiamat-Maldek blow-up. They landed in Antarctica and started a new civilization; Atlantis. That one failed too. Now there is quite a shake-up going on down there, just last week.

At some point in evolution, there has to be compromise on a decision that can still be at least 80% correct. If the majority of the people analyzing the situation are making errors, it sits on their shoulders and their karma that they made the situation worse and did not follow orders. Atlantis is in the ancient past but in the multiverse, some of it’s memory and karma remains.

Red Skywalker and White World Bridger kin were responsible for leading the escape with the survivors and it was barely successful due to error and selfishness, NOT by World-Bridger though. The problem was with Skywalker; my tribe. Yes, I need to forgive it. But mostly, I don’t want these kin coming into my current space anymore because they are very negative and disrespectful if they don’t get their way which is the incorrect way. There is a right way and wrong way to execute a plan. If you make a mistake more people suffer. Yes, you are forgiven if you make a mistake but unnecessary suffering still pisses me off. I’ve had too many waking dreams about this.

I define in order to Explore. Measuring Wakefulness I seal the output of Space with the Self-Existing ton of Form. I am guided by the power of Universal Water. I am a galactic activation portal. Enter me.
  • Theme is 4Glutamine or Red 4 Self-existing Skywalker. Non- group oriented Skywalker kin that like A.I., in my experience. A.I. was a problem on Tiamat and led to incorrect timing when analyzing solar cycles. The Maya have a strict Tzolkonic system that is IN LINE WITH NATURE to parse out timing 13:20. IMO, we need to follow that so we don’t make a mess of things in the local system. Red 4 Skywalker is stubbornly averse to cooperative kindness, integrity and a desire to be correct according to nature. I have no less than TEN kin pulsing on this gateway who have been trouble in the current time. Something happened, I feel, during the Maldek transfer where instructions weren’t followed. The analog, White 4 WB is the exception.
  • Analog is 4Threonine or White 4 Self-existing World Bridger. Conscious, community oriented and humble understanding of the details involved with death and change. The 4 World Bridger’s were helpful.
  • Guide power this morning is 4Methionine or Red 4 Self-existing Moon. A rational communicator that is aware of human feelings and the need for expansion. A helpful, kind kin.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 4Alanine or Blue 4 Self-existing Night; There is some selfish materialism here with high intuition and art
  • Hidden Wisdom is 10Leucine or Yellow 10 Planetary Star. This kin is a perfectionist and wants to get things done and done right. The vibe here is a hopeful belief that the situation can become better, more harmonious and manifested in a better situation than previously experienced. Very helpful.
  • 5Gforce is 10 Isoleucine or Blue 10 Planetary Hand. This kin is also a perfectionist, strong in the Mayan Healer tradition and focused on settling on EARTH. It helps to know what can go wrong in order to know what can go right for the future, I suppose. Very helpful.

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  1. Oh no. My FWB is Red skywalker..I am a white worldbridger. . I am on your shitlist. Lol.
    Are me and him the bad human forms? I definitely need to get more into this. I know Biden is also a WWB..and he sucks. Ggrrrr

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