Wednesday. We Start a New 13-day Cycle.

I’m up at 5-6am EST everyday working and don’t really have time to wait for Suspicious Observer to post at 8am my time so these may be separate content.

Synchronicity; White Dog Wavespell, power of heart is up just as Venus enters Cancer today and stays there until June 27.

I unify in order to love. Attracting loyalty I seal the process of heart with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled.
  • Theme is 1Aspartic Acid or White 1 magnetic Dog. We’re magnetically attracting to us what we really love and value and it isn’t necessarily a person or stuff.
  • Analog is 1Methionine or Red 1 magnetic Moon. We’re magnetically attracting to us what we want to emotionally bond to. It may or may not be returned right now or will or won’t be in the future. I’m not one that likes to wait and see so I think it’s best to remain neutral.
  • Guide Power is Itself.
  • Antipode is counterpoint to the analog, 1Stop Codon or Yellow 1 magnetic Sun. We have a start codon and a stop codon in the same theme-plex juxtaposed next to yesterday’s two A.A.’s in HF33. It’s kin#170 in HF43 so there may be something to the pivot 10 harmonics forward. Looking at the harmonic I see that in HF53 the tone is 2 White Dog and in HF63 it’s 3 White Dog and so forth. It does that with every kin.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 13Asparagine or blue 13 Cosmic Monkey.
  • 5GForce is 13Aspartic Acid or White 13 Cosmic Dog. That was yesterday’s analog!

Looking ahead June 21 is the Summer Solstice or the first day of summer. The sun in Gemini will end, spring will end and the sun will enter Cancer.

Synchronicity; On June 15 we enter Blue Night Wavespell; the power of abundance and mystery. In addition, we only have one more week of more light. On June 21 the light begins to decrease and we start to descend into dark again. Spring increases the light of the sun. In summer it begins to wane.

Synchronicity; Mercury is our mediating planet for White Dog-Red Moon and it’s retrograde and it rules Gemini which is our current solar astrological cycle. This doesn’t feel severe to me though. This is a magnetic gate which is always a type of pivot in our DNA. That uploads to the Sun with the antipode this afternoon which is 1Stop Codon or Yellow 1 Magnetic Sun.

Our sun is heating up and so is our planet. It’s going to change everything and it’s a natural cycle.
  • The Last Quarter Moon occurs early today when the Sun in Gemini forms a square to the Moon in Pisces.
  • The Last Quarter Moon phase points to a possible crisis of consciousness. We’ve processed recent epiphanies, and we begin to see what works for us–and what doesn’t–in preparation for next week’s New Moon when something new is born again.
  • It’s not an ideal time to start a significant project, as the decreasing light of the Moon symbolizes descent into unconsciousness. It’s time to finish up details or tie up loose ends.
  • The Moon spends the day in Pisces, and this Moon transit is compassionate, sensitive, giving, and wise at its best and noncommittal or avoidant when challenged.
  • The Sun forms a sextile to Chiron this morning, and we might get the opportunity to find a sense of purpose or a “mission,” increasing our confidence, possibly through our communications and enterprising spirit.
  • The desire to learn and grow through experiences and people in our lives is strong and healthy now.
  • Problem-solving is favored, and we’re likely to feel empowered.
  • Venus enters Cancer today, where it will transit until the 27th.
  • Venus in Cancer is nurturing, cautious, fertile, protective, and self-protective.
  • We experience many emotional ups and downs with our affections under this influence due to increased sensitivity and impressionability.
  • We show our love through our devotion, care, and concern, and we’re at our best when we feel safe and secure.
  • During this cycle, we have a greater interest in home life and home improvement, nesting, home business, domestic and family activities, comfort, security, and long-term purchases.

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