Watch “Americas in the Disaster Cycle, Solar Wind, Trust | S0 News Jun.2.2021” on YouTube

My mind was on human evolution timeline yesterday and I posted on it. I will add to this post in a bit but go ahead and peruse the video for now.

We are in HF43 which is in the Zone of Transformation on the planet. The equator runs straight through this zone and it’s composed of the three middle layers of kin, three harmonics deep on the Harmonic Index so it’s 12 x 13 = 156 kin. There are 52 kin in the North Polar Zone and 52 kin in the South Polar Zone. In the Z.O.T. 156 divided by 3 = 52. 5 x 52 = 260 or one galactic spin. This is your primer on Tzolkonic Geomancy. It should be evident that our bodies and our DNA are divided up like the planet and that Time interacts with the planet the same way we do and that human DNA is one with Earth DNA. She is our Mother after all. And there is the female piece that is out of balance with the male.

I will include as much math and geography in here as well as location of the time portals that are part of the cosmic web as possible but its purpose will be to shore up Mayan Time Keeping as a way of Life as a mindset antidote to Shadow kin, MSM, and Deep State. I’m not going to bother reacting to Deep State, chronically incorrect and unethical science that’s been going on forever. No discussion. They are coming to an end and the planet belongs to itself and all Life on it. The judgment of their actions is left to Source, not me. However, that doesn’t mean I have to pretend to like them.

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