Timeline of human evolution – Humans Just Put Clothes On

I like the timeline below for context on human evolution. Scroll down to TIMELINE. It runs in  millions of years. We are currently homo sapiens and are jumping up into the next million years.


No wonder the human population skyrocketed. The men had to use their imagination when viewing women. Having to work harder made them stronger at mating.

However, look at what we discovered in the previous million years of existing as homo erectus; walking on two legs not four, fire, and cooking.

The raw food movement probably doesn’t view cooking as an advancement but it made digestion much easier and has provided some bioavailability of nutrients more efficiently. Put some clothes on that and humans had more time and inclination for sex.

We will look back at our modern way of life the same way we view walking on all four limbs, clothes, not knowing fire existed or how to use it, and cooking. That’s how we look to our E.T. ancestors right now.

We still aren’t aware of or using;

  • Zero-point, non-gravidic energy for energy and transport (not our fault). Deep State is holding it secret.
  • The power of our minds to focus and direct our intention in this dimension
  • How to be aware of all dimension at the same time
  • How to focus the ELM naturally in our bodies to change our DNA, heal ourselves, etc.
  • How to absorb our nutrients from the environment instead of believing we have to eat and defecate.
  • Understanding that physical death is not necessary
  • Not everyone knows what the Universe is or that it’s inhabited by other species or they’re too afraid too believe it. I guess instead of flat-earthers they’d be flat-universers

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