Daily Oracle; Jun.1.2021

I Endure in order to Purify. Transcending Flow I seal the process of Universal Water with the Cosmic tone of Presence. I am guided by the power of Space.
  • We’re at the end of a 13-day cycle and the I-Ching Hx is “After Completion” so this is a powerful day. The DNA nucleotide overarch is CCC or Proline which is a secondary Stop Codon next to the Sun. Interesting juxtaposition with 13Methionine, the Start Codon.
  • Theme is 13Methionine or the Start Codon for a DNA sequence. It is Red 13 Cosmic Moon and the Moon is now SYNCHRONISTICALLY in Pisces which is a water sign, like Cancer which rules the Moon. We are finally moving more swiftly through true emotion, making realizations about ourselves and letting it go.
  • Analog is 13Aspartic Acid or White 13 Cosmic Dog which is in HF33. This is the Trinity or Source; absolute Cosmic Love and Loyalty.
  • The Guide Power this morning is 13Glutamine or Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker (me). We are Time and Space travelers in this dimension. We only see this dimension with our physical eyes but we are in all 21 dimensions at the same time. The movie I posted “Among Us” talked about the Cosmic Web. Our military and scientists know all about it. It’s real and is interdimensional. Let’s clench the multiverse now via the pineal gland which is a stargate.
  • The antipode this afternoon is 13Tryptophan or Blue 13 Cosmic Storm. This portends a storm on our Sun which could create bigger storms on earth again. There is already strange weather in China, Russia and the U.K. In addition, the Ring of Fire around the Pacific is VERY active.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is 1Glutamic Acid or Yellow 1 Magnetic Human. Which humans are going to stay and which are going to go when the macro solar flash hits? It’s still being decided…by you.
  • The 5GForce is 1Asparagine or Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey. This is also in HF33. Hmmm, two in one theme-plex.

What does it mean to transcend flow? Letting go and moving into a new energy space transcends flow. That’s the purpose of 13 Blue Storm to help us cosmically SELF-GENERATE our own DNA. We don’t need surgery, drugs, or TECH like the med-beds. We just need to learn how to feel our QI, practice, use it, OVERSTAND the power of our magnetic Minds to work as an interdimensional tool.

We take too much for granted. There is great power in feeling your body, observing your breath, every move your body can make, focusing on an organ you want to work better, the ability of your bare feet to absorb and read earth energy, meditating on each chakra.

Right now as I type I feel my heart chakra expanding feeling great love and concern for my followers, my friends and family and wishing for them that they feel the full power of Source IN THEIR BODY AND MIND and not fearing their power to create. The earth is going to be ascending and changing as well and it needs humans to help modulate the earth energies. Life is PASSION and when it’s directed with love and awareness it creates JOY.

Our bodies are on a grid that is aligned with the Earth grid. We are ONE with GAIA.

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